ChickAdvisor ShowCase Toronto 2016

ChickAdvisor ShowCase Toronto 2016 - Event recap and products reviewed

ChickAdvisor hosted one of its most popular events, ShowCase by ChickAdvisor. What is ShowCase? It's an exclusive live product testing party. Guests get to experience and review a selection of new and classic beauty products while also enjoying exquisite high tea pastries and savouries in a luxurious hotel ballroom setting. 

NYX Pro Lip Cream Palette - The Pinks

NYX Pro Lip Cream Palette The Pinks Swatches

Pucker up! Available in four shade palettes: The Pinks, The Nudes, The Reds, The Plums, NYX Pro Lip Cream Palettes features six expertly coordinated colour combinations of intensely pigmented lip creams. Wear each shade alone or blend them all together for a totally customized look!

Photo Log: Intro & Sept 9 Weekend

Kudos to vloggers! Being on camera slash filming myself in public is an embarrassing fear that I hope to get over someday. Since that day hasn't come yet, I am doing the next best thing. Something I already enjoying doing and that is taking photos.

With so many things happening daily, it's easy to forget when you last saw that one friend or the location of that delicious restaurant. I love documenting my journey as it's a way to remember the moment. I've been judged and eye-rolled by friends who think I'm one of "those people" who take food or front of the building photos and post it online. Once I explain to them that it's for "personal documentation purpose", they don't believe me. Fast forward a few months later and they don't remember when and where we last met, I have photo proof. All is forgiven after that.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my miscellaneous adventures via photos on the blog: Photo Log - where I share little glimpses of my out and about journeys. Not to be confused with Through the Lens - which features photographs set in a specific location. Let me know your thoughts on this latest installment under my blog. 

Fashion on Yonge 2016

Last week, I attended the 4th annual Fashion on Yonge event presented by Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area. The event featured over 300 outfits in three runway shows from a sampling of 150 apparel and accessories retailers in the area. But that wasn't all. Not only do attendees get to see some of fashion retailers' current fall trends; food samplings from local restaurants, mini beauty services, and live music performances were also included. 

Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag

Fashion on Yonge took place outside Trinity Square while the runway shows were held inside the beautiful and historic church of Holy Trinity. Seating was limited for the runway shows, so online ticket registration was required for entry. Attendees at the show were given a special presentation from Toronto Film School's emerging designers who shared their work on the runway. The event, including the runway shows, were completely free and opened to the public. 
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