Costa Blanca is one of my go-to stores to shop the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price! As of late, I noticed my favourite and convenient Costa Blanca locations were closed. Thankful for the holiday break, I made several shopping trips, some of which the store still exist. I went at a right time too! There was lots of promotions going on, I was so excited to get my shopping started!

I did not pick up a lot but bought some pieces that I think are a staple for many years ahead. I will most likely head back soon and make a few more purchases that I have my eye on from their Pinterest page. All items posted were purchased between the end of December and early January.

Costa Blanca fashion clothing haul. 2 Button 3 Pocket Black Suit Blazer | V-Neck Cable Front Green Cardigan
2 Button, 3 Pocket Black Blazer | V-Neck Cable Front Green Cardigan
Costa Blanca fashion clothing haul - Dex Cable Knit Leggings
Cable Knit Leggings by Dex
Costa Blanca fashion clothing haul - Floral Pearl Statement Necklace
Floral Pearl Statement Necklace

Photos: Sporting Life

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