Whether or not February 14 means anything to you, Valentine’s day is fast approaching! There’s so many ways to celebrate Cupid’s day, from handing out and receiving Valentine cards in elementary school to candy-grams and roses in high school. Valentine’s day is never just a regular day for me, even though I really should treat it as that.

To me, this time every year is always different, one thing for sure, I like to get decked out in red, pink, or something with hearts, in the spirit of love! Besides wardrobe, I am normally plan-less on Valentine’s day, but that is where the fun comes in, and no, I do not mean taking that route, but if that turned the light bulb on your head, you are welcome.

Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Single or not, I always like to spend it with the ones I love and do things that I love. My past Valentine’s day involved lunch with fellow single girlfriends, baking, watching movies, studying/writing exams, shopping, and spending time with family. I look at Valentine’s day as a day to reflect and love the people around you and also to indulge some delicious sweet treats; red-velvet cupcakes, macarons, chocolate, peppermint candy hearts, mmm! Okay, these desserts can be eaten any day but as I mentioned earlier, in the spirit of love, why not, they are probably heart-shaped too (+1)!

You see, Valentine’s day does not have to always be about being romantic, if you really love someone, you really ought to show it throughout the year. Valentine’s day is really where you take a few extra steps and give businesses your money. However, it is cute to see men on Valentine’s day with heart shaped balloons, dozen roses, giant stuffed animal, and/or gifts in their hands around the city and on the train after work hours.

In all honesty, if going all out and being romantic is your plan this Valentine’s day, have fun! If you are single or just wanting to lay low with your partner. There are a few things you can do.

To all my singles, why not invite a few other lonesomes in your circle and host a singles night (couples can also take part (couples night) either with or without other couples); attend a sports game, comedy show, or even go roller skating. Try to avoid restaurants, chances are they are fully reserved for the night.

If outings aren’t your scene, there is no shame in staying home and doing things you love; cooking, baking, that diy project you saw on Pinterest, a marathon of your favourite show/movie. If all else fails, treat it like a regular day.

Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day. Writing Valentine's Day Cards

What are your plans for this upcoming love day? Are you completely into the whole romantic stuff or totally against this occasion? What are some other ways to celebrate Cupid’s day? Let me know in the comments below.

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