Many are wondering what to do with Bath & Body Works candle jars (or any candle jars) after they are done, besides throwing them out (do not throw them out) – reusing them is the answer!

There are tons of ways to reuse these glass jars. I was never into candles until a few years ago when I stopped by Bath & Body Works to restock on hand soaps, I saw these really cute mini jars and had to pick a few up. I did not bother to burn them until recently. While they were in the background burning, I already knew what I wanted to do with the empty jar.

I have lots of perfume samples bottles that I put in a small mesh bag. I thought the jar would be the perfect size to display the perfumes out in the open. I quickly had to finish the candle, so I burnt it every night in order for it to quickly finish. After removing the remaining wax and cleaning the jar, I was a happy girl!

How To: Reusing Bath & Body Works BBW Candle Jars DIY

Removing the wax is a cinch:
– After the very last burn, blow out the candle and let the liquid wax cool down for a minute.

– Grab yourself a paper towel (or two) and fold it in half, the thicker the better. Slowly pour the liquid wax onto the paper towel, the wax should quickly dry off on the paper towel, and into the garbage it goes!

– Next, clean the jar with soap and water and remove the candle tab.
The side and bottom stickers should peel off easily, if not, let the jar soak in hot water for ~30 minutes and peel.

– If there are still some leftover stickiness, use Goo Gone, Elmer’s Sticky Out, or a little elbow grease, you should have a clean jar by the end of this.

And, VOLIA! They honestly look really cute on display, don’t you think?

How To DIY: Reusing Bath & Body Works BBW Candle Jars Home Decor Organizing Gift Ideas

I still have a few mini candles around but I plan to purchase some small and 3-wick candles just so I can use them to store more things such as my makeup; lipsticks, eyeliner, brushes, small sample products.

It is also a great way to keep your cotton pads, q-tips, and the like in a clean clear container; just like the ones you see at home/bathroom stores (shown below), instead of leaving them in the package bags.

How To DIY: Reusing Bath & Body Works BBW Candle Jars Home Decor Gift Ideas

Empty candle jars can also be a great centrepiece or vase for the home, add some marbles or cut some flowers (or do both).

Another way to reuse candle jars is to store candy, nuts, spices, etcetera. It can be a useful way to display a candy/snack bar on your kitchen counter for display or while hosting a party.

It can also be used for gifting, treat it like a mini gift jar “basket”, add in items that are small enough to fit the jar and wrap it in wrapping paper or a box (protect it from breaking with some bubble wrap while your at it). Or have them as mini party favours for your guests, add in some cute knick-knacks or treats to match your party theme.

There are many, many, ways to reusing Bath & Body Works candle jars (or any candle jars) after they are completely “waxed out”, these are a few that I thought were helpful. How do you reuse your candle jars? Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear other creative ways to reuse candle jars!

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