I used a higher-end drug store cleanser for years and it did a great job at cleansing my face. Unfortunately my favourite cleanser was discontinued. There was a similar product with a different packaging label and ingredients but it was not the same.

A beauty advisor recommended me to a completely different cleanser from the same brand and swore by it. Just my luck, the skin on my face acted up and there was no turning back (the cleanser is still sitting on my bathroom counter to this day).

For months I tested out several different cleansers and nothing seemed to work. I decided to try out a product which I have heard superb reviews on and it is philosophy award-winning cleanser – purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes.

My Favourite: Cleanser. Philosophy's Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 Cleanser For Face and Eyes Review

And WOW! What a difference. Not only did it clean my face without any reaction but the fact that it did a serious job at cleansing out ALL the makeup, including the eye makeup! Normally, I would use a cotton pad to wipe everything off before rinsing. Instead, all I did was massage the product onto my face for 30-60 seconds and as it was lathering it also removed everything.

No more extra steps and wasting cotton pads to remove my makeup! It really made my routine a lot easier. Not only did it leave a cleansed face but also a soft, toned and hydrating face! I found my replacement makeup cleanser! Super impressed by purity. I total recommend philosophy purity made simple Cleanser to everyone!

Check out their How To video on purity made simple:

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