Make way, Father’s Day is coming up. If your Daddy is like mine, he does not ask for much. So, unless you really know what to get him, you’re in a standstill. So what can you do? Buy him the latest gadgets and gizmos? Clothes? Year supply of beer? Golf membership? Everything in mind is probably something he already has, buys on his own, or he will not want or need.

So, there are those typical gifts for Dads such as a card, giftcards, new tools, kitchen supplies and appliances, something for the man cave (new television, billiard table, arcade). Want to go beyond the ordinary?

How about hosting a family BBQ? Buy tickets to see his favourite sports team play? Visit a museum? Fishing? Plane ticket to the destination of his choice? A cruise with his buddies? “A NEW CAR!!!” (Price Is Right reference)? Okay, I am going way ahead of my own game. If small sweet gifts sound better then how about a customized flask? Take him to a winery (make your very own beverage). Customized cufflinks, ties, pocket squares? New set of golf clubs and balls? Sensing a theme? Customizing is the way to go! Every man I know loves to have things with their name or initials on it. It just seem special to them. If you believe the man of the family deserves to relax. A spa package won’t hurt. An out of town getaway. Date night. Picnic with the family?

There are a ton of ways to celebrate Father’s Day. Check out Pinterest for Father’s Day gifts and ideas. From cool gadgets, crafty DIY project to where to go or what to do to celebrate!

Thankfully on my end, there is going to be a huge family dinner to celebrate this day with all the Father’s (Grandfather, Dad, Uncles). Gift wise, there has been a few things in mind that my siblings and I thought about. Nothing has been confirmed. Talk about last minute gifting! In previous years we would get something (big and small gifts) that Dad loves and want but ended up finding out he just bought it. Epic fail?! I think so. This year, we’re not letting that happen. Whatever we end up gifting to Dad, we’re hoping he does not have one hiding. Otherwise, it will be super last minute chasing a gift down. And that is never a good idea…

Cheers to those who are Dads to their kids and every Father figure out there! Even though they don’t ask for much, we know they deserve more.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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