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The Makeup by One Direction collection is (almost) here! A limited edition ensemble of makeup by the world’s biggest band. Already available in Macy’s, while Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands, and Lord and Taylor are set to release on August 25th. International releases are to follow soon after. I’m excited to try out and give you an exclusive insight of what is expected in the collection. So let’s get started!

Makeup by One Direction Collection Kit Review Midnight Memories Take Me Home Up All Night
L-R: Midnight Memories. Take Me Home. Up All Night

With a range of makeup and cosmetic products packaged in a limited edition collectible tin box, Makeup by One Direction celebrates a fun, unique and youthful style with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at an affordable price point for everyone, Makeup by One Direction “The Looks Collection” comprises three collectible tins (Midnight Memories, Take Me Home, and Up All Night) inspired by One Direction’s chart topping albums.

Makeup by One Direction Midnight Memories Collection Kit Review
Makeup by One Direction – Midnight Memories Collection

The packaging is definitely a collector item! A bricked-designed tin box with a plastic cover featuring a picture of One Direction and their autographs, its the perfect gift for someone you know who’s a Directioner! Inside each collectable tin includes an eye and body crayon, 4+1 eye shadow palette, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, nail varnish, and a 5 piece decorator stencil set. Below are reviews and swatches of the “Midnight Memories” Collection.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Little Black Dress Mascara
“Little Black Dress” – Volumizing mascara in perfectly black – 0.22 fl oz/6.5mL

The volumizing mascara is your standard mascara. Although my lashes are short, I was hoping it would extend my lashes by a bit. However, it does provide volume to the lash to give it a fuller touch. Smudge-free and no clumping. This is a mascara that can be used on a regular day basis.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Midnight Memories Don't Forget Where You Belong Strong Half a Heart Little White Lies
Swatched L-R: Midnight Memories. Don’t Forget Where You Belong. Strong. Half a Heart. Little White Lies. – 0.20 oz/5.6g
Makeup by One Direction Collection Review 4+1 Eyeshadow Palette

The 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette include Little White Lies; Palest warm gray, Don’t Forget Where You Belong; Soft pink shimmer, Half a Heart; Metal gray, Strong; Charcoal black matte shimmer, and Midnight Memories; Silver glitter crème. All eye shadows are super pigmented and with the colours provided, one can easily create a perfect soft smokey eye, pictured above, without hesitation.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Through the Dark Liquilights glow gloss. Best Song Ever Crème Lipstick Swatch
Swatched L-R: Through the Dark. Best Song Ever.
Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Best Song Ever Crimson Red Crème Lipstick Swatch
“Best Song Ever” – Crimson Red Crème lipstick – 0.13 oz/3.7g

The “Best Song Ever” crème lipstick is the best red lipstick ever! Super creamy and very pigmented, it is a bold colour that anyone can wear. The red lip is your finishing touch before a night out! The example picture of the lipstick worn provided above does not do justice. Take a look at the swatch and try it out for yourself! Who needs an apple red when there is a dark, mysterious, and sexy crimson red in town!

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Through the Dark Liquilights Glow Gloss Swatch
“Through the Dark” Liquilights Glow Gloss – 0.23 fl oz/6.7mL

Never thought I would want to purchase a UV light so badly, until now. The “Through the Dark” liquilights glow gloss is an electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light. I wish I had a UV light to test out this cool product. But the lip gloss itself is just as amazing! This shimmery pink gloss has amazing pigmentation, it is not sticky, and has a hint of a soft sweet vanilla scent.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Right Now Liquefied Metallic Steel Nail Varnish Polish
“Right Now” – Liquefied Metallic Steel Nail Varnish – 0.27 fl oz/8.0mL

A great metallic steel gray nail polish. I have had this nail polish on for over a week and it still has not chipped or faded out. One coat of the product already gave a well finish. Going in for another coat gave the nail more definition. Another plus, no matter how many swipes are added, the nail polish brush leaves no streaks!

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Better than Words Blackest Black Eye and Body Crayon
“Better than Words” – Blackest Black Eye and Body Crayon

Blackest black eye and body crayon. Very creamy and glides on smoothly, the eye and body crayon can be worn as a liner, shadow or body art.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review 5 Piece Decorator Stencil Set
5 Piece Decorator Stencil Set

The 5 piece decorator stencil set is a fun way to decorate yourself, your stuff, and your friends with One Direction doodles! Word of advice when using the stencil, ask someone for help to either press down the stencil or to colour in the stencil. Doing it on your own can be a bit tricky and messy. Also, if possible, avoid using the eye and body crayon provided as it is a very creamy product and can be difficult to work with. Use an eye shadow or a regular eye liner pencil.

Overall, a great collection and wonderful products! As mentioned earlier, a perfect must-have addition for someone who’s a One Direction fan but also for anyone who loves makeup in general or wants to give makeup a try! Don’t forget to “Like” Makeup by One Direction’s Facebook page for more information regarding the collections and One Direction!

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