The Stila Pro Artist Brush Set contains five “everything-you-need” makeup brushes that have been carefully curated by Stila’s team of Pro Artists and packed in a travel-friendly pouch.

This is a great pouch for those on-the-go and do not have time to do makeup in one sitting. Not only are the brushes provided but not having to worry about what needs to be thrown-in because the basic beauty essentials were (hopefully) pre-packed, ready to be grabbed and go!

The pouch is simple yet very handy as the brushes have their own compartment with a clear flap which can be use to store anything from q-tips, blotting paper, to bobby pins and bandages. Then there is a main pouch to include all your beauty-needs

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review

A $149 value. The set includes an all over shadow brush, crease brush, eye liner brush, contour & blush brush, and a concealer brush. Take a look at the close-ups and read my thoughts on each brush.

#5 All Over Shadow Brush
Densely packed and soft bristles that goes on smoothly when applying eye shadow all over the lid. However, from time-to-time, there was some bristles shedding.

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review #5 All Over Shadow

#7 Crease Brush
Bottom of the brush is stiff while the tip is soft. A great brush for applying product on the crease as it provides an effortless blend.

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review #7 Crease Brush

#13 Eye Liner Brush
The way the eye liner brush is designed, I am not a huge fan. It is not easy to apply eye liner or wet eye shadow when the brush is flat. If it was on an angle, I would have probably loved it.

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review #13 Eye Liner

# 21 Contour & Blush Brush
Right from the get go, the contour & blush brush shed a lot! I knew there would be a love-hate relationship. Besides the shedding, I do like the brush, it is great for applying directly from product to face. *Do remember to tap off product before application!

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review #21 Contour Blush

#33b Concealer Brush
At first, the brush was very stiff but after a few uses, it started to soften. That was when I started liking the concealer brush. A great brush for getting right into the inner corners of your eyes and nose.

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review #33b Concealer

What I liked: the pouch and the convenience of the pouch. As well, the lightweight of the brushes. What I disliked: the brushes are not the greatest and the bristles tend to fall out easily. I say, test out other brushes from various brands before settling in on this set. For $52, it may be worth the value but not as satisfying. Overall, I’m on par with the Stila Pro Artist Brush Set.

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