Goodbye dry skin, hello moisturizing hydration! Neutrogena has come out with a new skincare line in which I have heard many say is their new favourite moisturizer. It seemed too good to be true. Seeing the product and results all across social media, I had to get my hands on it and put it to the test. And I must say, I joined the bandwagon and calling Neutrogena Hydro Boost my holy grail moisturizer!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review

Instantly quenches dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated all day. Hydro Boost is Neutrogena’s unique light-weight formula which absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting intense moisturizing power of a cream. An oil-free product, won’t clog pores, hyaluronic acid (naturally found in skin) and is wearable under makeup, my skin is already feeling the love!

Neutrogena came out with two Hydro Boost gel creams, one for normal skin, and the other for extra-dry skin. The Hydro Boost Gel Cream has an almost watery consistency with a light fragrance. While the Hydro Boost Extra-Dry Skin has a slightly thicker consistency and is fragrance-free.

With a light-weight runny consistency, my skin felt moisturized and hydrated. It absorbed within seconds and left no greasy residue, a huge plus! It may have been my excitement, but my dry flaky skin was no more by day one. Even after a whole day I come home to notice not a dryness in sight, my makeup stayed on and skin looking forever hydrated.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Normal Skin Review
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream
Hydro Boost Gel Cream Extra-Dry Skin Review
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream – Extra-Dry Skin

Lastly from the Hydro Boost line is their Gel Cream for the Eyes. Just like the gel cream face moisturizer, it is fragrance-free, goes on and absorbs instantly, my under eyes feel smooth, refreshed and awake and best of all, no eye makeup smears all day!

Hydro Boost Gel Eye Cream Review
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream – Eye

Overall, I am very impressed. I have always loved Neutrogena but I cannot emphasize enough how much I am loving the Hydro Boost line. No need to invest in high-end moisturizers when Hydro Boost is a fraction of the cost (~$20) but works (possibly) ten times better

Let me know in the comments below: What are your thoughts? Would you give Hydro Boost a try? Do you currently have a favourite Neutrogena product?

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