Chapstick has come a long way from what I remember. Their products now expand to include moisturization, hydration, SPF and new flavours. Don’t fret, the classics are still around. Original, cherry, strawberry, mint. They are all there. I remember my childhood favourites were strawberry and cherry. Speaking of flavours. Here’s something new: MixStix.

ChapStick MixStix in Strawberry Banana Smoothie Review

An ultra-hydrating, two-sided lip balm that provides 8 hours of moisturization. Available in Lemon Berry Sorbet (Lemon and Raspberry), Green Apple Caramel (Green Apple and Caramel) and Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Strawberry and Banana). Use each flavour individually or mix ’em together to create a fun third flavour.

With so many lip balm products out in the market, it’s hard to rediscover a blast from the past. I recently received the MixStix from a sample box and thought, “Wow!, I can’t remember when I last used ChapStick” let alone knowing they come two-sided and banana flavour?! Interested, to say the least, I ended up on their website to find they have seriously come a long way. As mentioned above, moisturizer, SPF, medicated, hydration, even seasonal flavours, there’s a ChapStick for everyone!

When I opened the MixStix and took a whiff of the strawberry, boy did it bring back memories. It has that strawberry ChapStick scent we all know and love. I was hesitant to know what banana flavour ChapStick smells like (the scent of banana to me is uniquely weird). My nose sensed a hint of banana with a mix of vanilla and almond. Not bad!

ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Review
ChapStick MixStix Strawberry
ChapStick MixStix Banana Review
ChapStick MixStix Banana

Unfortunately, there is a downside to the MixStix. The “wheel” to roll up the lip balm is pretty unstable and is attached to the cap. If you’re not careful, it can easily roll up on its own and possibly end up having lip balm stuck on the cap. And that’s very wasteful and never fun.

Do you still use ChapStick? What is your all-time favourite ChapStick flavour? What do you think of the MixStix flavours?

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