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Aren’t these high-quality, hand-knit cotton dolls beautifully adorable? It gets better. For every doll purchased, cuddle+kind will provide 10 meals to hungry children around the world through their partners, World Food Program USA and Children’s Hunger Fund. Interested to know how to get your hands on a cuddle+kind doll?

About cuddle+kind: A social endeavour created by Jennifer and Derek Woodgate from Milton, Ontario. It started with a documentary on the widespread of childhood hunger which lead Jennifer and Derek alongside their three young children on a mission to help feed children in need. With a background in health, they recognize the crucial role nutrition plays in a child’s development. They believe every child should have enough food to eat and an opportunity to thrive. They created cuddle+kind to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.

cuddle + kind campaign

I have always admired the finer details in everything; clothing, beauty products, nature. Every cuddle+kind doll is hand-knit using 100% cotton by an artisan in Peru. Looking at the 9 beautiful crafted dolls, I really appreciate the soft and plushness as well as the detail and craftsmanship. I wanted to get one not only for myself but also for my nieces, nephews, cousins. However, when I heard about the movement behind purchasing a doll, I knew right there and then I didn’t want them, I NEED them!

Everyone should have food on their plate but not everyone does. As someone who grew up being told to finish every last bit off her plate and hearing stories of those who don’t have the so-called “luxury” of food. It’s hard to swallow the fact that to this day there are still many people, especially children, who are left hungry. I always want to help in situations like these and cuddle+kind’s project will do just that! You’re not only purchasing a doll just as a gift for your loved ones, you’re also “gifting” 10 meals to children in need. How are 10 meals given? Through giving relationships, cuddle+kind will sponsor feeding in the WFP School Launch program and at Orphanages in Haiti through the Children’s Hunger Fund.

Interested in a doll and supporting the cause? Of course you are! Head on over to cuddle+kind Indiegogo campaign. For a limited time starting from September 16 to October 17, 2015, support cuddle+kind by purchasing a doll or two (or all!) before anyone else. Together we can help cuddle+kind fund the production of more doll characters. Also by contributing to this crowd funding campaign, you will be helping to feed hungry children, not only in North America but all over the world. Please share and help spread the word as we are filling hearts and bellies around the world.

If you are more interested in supporting the cause and not the doll, follow cuddle+kind on social media! From now until October 16, one meal is given for every new follower on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For more information, check out cuddle+kind FAQ.

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