Kate Spade New York Novelty Couture 17-month Medium Agenda

I’m the type who likes certain things a specific way, a planner is one of those things. Before graduating school I have always used planners given to me because why not?! After school I thought I could survive without a planner and just use the technology in front of me to organize my life. That didn’t work out. Even though I’m always on my computer and checking my phone, updating the calendar app and setting reminders felt like a struggle. My wall calendar, sticky-notes, and whiteboard got more use and was more useful than the calendar on the phone. Sorry, I will forever be a pen and paper person.

Anthropologie Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug. Confetti Macaron

My search for a planner wasn’t easy. I thought I could simply pop in a shop and pick one up. Then I noticed there were different types of planners in terms of styles, formats, sizes, and price points. I eventually found my ideal planner at Target. It was the perfect compact size, the format was exactly what I wanted, Canadian dates were included, and a few extras. It was PERFECT, what could possibly go wrong? Thinking I knew exactly where to go year after year to pick up a new planner, news broke the company was shutting down. I mean, I was already devastated about their closure, I didn’t think it could get any worst. That was until the end of 2015 slowly came to a close, I was back to planner searching.

Kate Spade New York Novelty Couture 17-month Medium Agenda

When you already have a favourite of something, nothing else can compare. Finding that ideal planner was a mission, some came close while others were far fetched. January 1st fast approached so I ended up with something that had most of what I was looking for at a reasonable (sales) price. How can you say no to Kate Spade? It may not be the preferred planner size or have Canadian dates but the weekly format, monthly tabs, a place to write down notes and the like are all there. Organized, satisfied, and a big sigh of relief.

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