Green Chic Lucky.

It’s customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories on St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to go all out and celebrate, go ahead, dress yourself head-to-toe green and throw on a ton of shamrocks while you’re at it! Or, ideally, go for a green blazer, coat or a pretty green dress.

If dressing completely green isn’t your thing, why not incorporate pieces of green in your outfit, whether it’s a green top or pant. Are accessories more of your thing in terms of how you show you’re in spirit? You’re in luck! Opt for a simple green watch or even clover stud earrings! Want to accessorize loud and proudly? Why not carry a green bag or wear a green scarf.

There’s so many ways to dress up this St. Patrick’s Day. Show me what you got! Tag me your St. Patrick’s Day outfit on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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