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Get perfectly nourished hair and 72hr manageability with the new Dove Quench Absolute range.

Dove Quench Absolute - For dry, wavy, curly hair. Ultra nourishing shampoo, conditioner, creme serum Review

Did you know? Wavy and curly hair naturally feels drier. It needs effective nourishment to keep it smooth, more manageable and free-flowing. Dove Quench Absolute range with Nutrients, Proteins and Buriti Oil deeply nourishes to quench dryness from the inside and out so hair naturally behaves better.

I may not have curly or wavy hair but my straight hair tends to be pretty drying from using hot hair tools and the like. I’m really excited to see how this product will work on my hair and notice if it’s smoother and less drying. With hair products that are recommended for a specific hair type, results are likely to vary. In my case, I can only comment on the nourishing aspects, the manageability, and my overall thoughts of using this product for my hair type.

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Shampoo

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Shampoo Review

The shampoo did an amazing job at cleaning my hair, just apply product to wet hair, massage, lather and rinse. It moisturized and lathered nicely into the hair without foaming too much. In terms of texture of the shampoo, it was not too thick, not too watery. It has a really nice rich fragrance of argan oil. My hair felt moisturizing and silky even before applying conditioner.

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner Review

After shampooing, massage conditioner through the hair, avoiding roots and rinse thoroughly. The conditioner went on nicely, it did not weigh down or leave any leftover residue in my hair. Similar to the shampoo, the conditioner has a lighter fragrance of argan oil. The texture of the conditioner was more towards a lotion consistency.

Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum

Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum Review

Perfect for use on both damp and dry hair. Dispense 1 pump, rub palms together and apply evenly on hair, avoiding roots. The Crème Serum instantly smoothes hair while giving it long lasting manageability. My hair looks and feels nourished. Just one pump is all that was needed and my hair was left with a soft finish and did not weigh down my hair nor left it looking and feeling greasy.

Overall, the Dove Quench Absolute seemed to work wonderfully on my straight hair even though the product is meant for someone who has curly or wavy hair. I think for someone who has curly/wavy hair, results will be noticeable, whereas my results are pretty minimal. I absolutely loved the dreamy scent of argan oil from all three products. In the end, my hair looked and felt manageable, less drying and soft (I was able to run my fingers down my hair without any trouble!).

What are your thoughts on Dove Quench Absolute? Whether you have straight or curly/wavy hair, would you give it a try? Have you tried any other Dove hair care products before?

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17 thoughts on “Dove Quench Absolute”

  1. I love the Dove dry shampoo (as much as you can like a dry shampoo), but I've never tried any other hair care from the brand. I already have super greasy hair, so I'm going to have to shop around and find some other products from the range.

    Katherine || The Green Bows

    1. Oh, I've never tried their dry shampoo before. I'll definitely look into that! Greasy hair is the worst, I heard the less you wash the less grease, but that's hard to do.

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