Prom Guide To Memories: Prom Dress the Night. My favourite prom dress picks.

As prom season arrives, shop window displays are filled with gorgeous dresses. I can’t help but wish I could go back to prom wearing the dresses I see today. But since time travel doesn’t exist at this time, I can simply admire the dresses from afar or in this case, share some of the dresses I’ve seen and love. If you’re heading to prom this year and at crunch time looking for a dress, I hope my top picks gives you some inspirations.

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Can I just go back to prom and have several outfit changes throughout the night featuring these dresses? As you can see, my selection ranges from a casual pick that can be worn after prom, an unusual attire that not many would think of and an all out glamorous look.

Which prom dress is your favourite? What do you gravitate towards when it comes to shopping for a dress? Feel free to share with me your prom outfit over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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