Trends come and go… and then they make a comeback.

Summer Trend: Off the shoulder. Top 10 favourite off the shoulder styles

Off-the-Shoulders, the fashion trend of the summer season. Crazy enough, during this year’s spring cleaning, I found a storage box of clothes hidden in the basement from well over 10 years ago. I believe I was suppose to drop them off as hand-me-downs for family back then but it never left the house. Thankful for a growing family, I still can pass this box of clothing to the youngest members of the clan and hope they can retrieve a few beloved pieces. That being said, I found some off-the-shoulder tops that look and fit better now then it did when I was a teen and they’re not getting their hands on them.

Yes, off-the-shoulders were a thing then and they’re back better than ever with ruffles, laser cuts, prints, wing sleeves. Endless styles to choose from, there’s no reason why one should not have an off-the-shoulder outfit this summer. Check out some of my favourite off-the-shoulder styles of the season below. And go ahead and show off some shoulders!

And if you’re going to wear the trend, don’t forget to frequently apply sunscreen throughout the day, especially on the shoulders! Unfortunately, I’ve learned that the hard way.

Have a favourite off-the-shoulder look?
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