Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Fashion on Yonge 2016 was a free event opened to the public.

Last week, I attended the 4th annual Fashion on Yonge event presented by Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area. The event featured over 300 outfits in three runway shows from a sampling of 150 apparel and accessories retailers in the area. But that wasn’t all. Not only do attendees get to see some of fashion retailers’ current fall trends; food samplings from local restaurants, mini beauty services, and live music performances were also included.

Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag

Fashion on Yonge 2016 took place outside Trinity Square while the runway shows were held inside the beautiful and historic church of Holy Trinity. Seating was limited for the runway shows, so online ticket registration was required for entry. Attendees at the show were given a special presentation from Toronto Film School’s emerging designers who shared their work on the runway. The event, including the runway shows, were completely free and opened to the public.

The entire day was humid with a high chance of rain. On my way to Trinity Square I was blessed with air conditioning but as soon as I stepped out, it was unbearable. And from the look of it, I think it poured, so the feeling was not cool. I did a quick walk around Trinity Square, listened to live performances while sampling food and went right back into an AC building while I wait for my friend before our 8PM show.

As we were in line, waiting for the doors to open, we both knew rain was on our radar. Little did we know that we spoke too soon and it immediately poured. It was unfortunate, even with umbrellas, we were partially soaked. When we got inside the church, just like any runway show, front row seats were reserved. So as a regular attendee, I took the next decent seat, second row. Fortunately, due to weather and it being the final show of the night, not many guest were in attendance and the front row seats were a bunch of lonely chairs with swag bags sitting on them. So what does the host decide to do? Open the front row to a first come, first serve situation. I’m not going to lie, when people were running to the front row, my friend and I were clueless. But when we found out what’s going on, we made the jump. Clearly, everyone wants a swag bag.

And here’s what was inside:

Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Sunglasses
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag David's Tea
David’s Tea Samples
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Scented One Shea Butter Lemongrass
Scented One Shea Butter in Lemongrass
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Kolby Attitude Cologne
Kolby Attitude Cologne
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Boathouse Lanyard
Boathouse Lanyard
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Yonge Suites Stationary
Yonge Suites Furnished Living Stationary
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Bond Street Dental
Bond Street Dental water bottle and Crest Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste
Fashion on Yonge 2016 Swag Bag Offside Magazine
Offside Magazine

As well as various coupons from businesses within Downtown Yonge.

What do you think of Fashion on Yonge? Have you attended Fashion on Yonge in previous years? Do you think swag bags should be given to everyone in attendance instead of just vip?

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