Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in style with outfits picked from H&M

Red, gold, and luck all over. Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Preparations for the big day are being finalized and that includes having a brand new outfit ready from head to toe.

In Chinese culture, colour plays a huge role, symbolically, red means good fortune and joy and gold means good luck. So incorporating the two colours during this festive time is a must! I picked out some outfits at H&M that I thought would fit right in with the theme of Chinese New Year (as well as Valentine’s Day). Check them out and let me know your favourite outfit. Feel free to tag me over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram your festive outfit!

Chinese New Year Style Outfits H&M Dress with Flounced Sleeves, Bangle, Clutch Bag, Peep-Toe Mules

Dress with Flounced Sleeves | Bangle | Clutch Bag | Peep-Toe Mules

Chinese New Year Style Outfits H&M Frilled Blouse, Super Skinny Low Jeans, Nail Polish in shade Bijoux, Leather loafers

Frilled Blouse | Super Skinny Low Jeans | Nail Polish in shade Bijoux | Leather loafers

Chinese New Year Style Outfits H&M Calf-Length Jersey Dress, Matte Lipstick in Lenox Lounge, Oval Metal Hair Clip, Quilted Bomber Jacket, Suede Ankle Boots

Calf-Length Jersey Dress | Matte Lipstick in Lenox Lounge | Oval Metal Hair Clip | Quilted Bomber Jacket | Suede Ankle Boots

Chinese New Year Style Outfits H&M Shawl-Collar Jacket, Short Metal Necklace, Suit Trousers with Side Stripe, Shoulder Bag, Crêpe Blouse, Sandals

Shawl-Collar Jacket | Short Metal Necklace | Suit Trousers with Side Stripe | Shoulder Bag | Crêpe Blouse | Sandals

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