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Wake up or wind down with a steaming hot cup of tea. Pure Leaf believes that every cup of tea should be an aromatic, delicious and authentic experience. Brewing loose tea can transform the tea experience from a habit to a moment of sensory creativity and indulgence.

Pure Leaf Home Brewed Hot Teas Review in Black Tea with Vanilla Loose Long Leaf and Pure Leaf Early Grey Tea Loose Long Leaf

I may not be a huge tea fanatic (as in, my knowledge of tea isn’t at its peak) but I do like a cup of hot tea from time to time, especially during the colder days. Well, let’s be honest, any hot beverage sounds delicious on a cold wintery day. When it comes to tea, I’m not very picky with my selection; green, black, herbal, rooibos, they all provide me with a feel good vibe. And that’s where Pure Leaf aims to please, their wide range of teas makes it easy to find a flavour one loves for an unforgettable tea experience.

You may have heard of and tried Pure Leaf Brewed Iced Tea but did you know they also have hot teas, which comes in pyramid bags and loose leaf?

Their exquisite loose teas look and smell just as great as they taste. One can perfect their own cup by customizing the strength and flavour in just three simple steps: scoop, brew and enjoy. And, since it’s over 99% water, Pure Leaf Home Brewed Hot Teas are a healthy hydration choice, because staying hydrated is a part of maintaining general health and well-being!

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla incorporates Kenyan black tea perfectly balanced with Madagascan vanilla beans to create a tea-forward taste with a hint of vanilla. Prior to brewing, the tea leaves themselves provided a black tea leaf scent with a hint of vanilla. Once brewed, the vanilla really came through and gave a relax and soothing aroma.

Pure Leaf Home Brewed Hot Teas Review in Black Tea with Vanilla Loose Long Leaf

Pure Leaf Earl Grey tea combines Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea with citrus notes featuring bergamot to create a smooth cup with crisp and zesty citrus topnotes and a floral aroma. The bright marigold and blue petals offer a vibrant contrast to create a truly beautiful blend. One quick whiff of the Pure Leaf Earl Grey leaves and you’ll just smell tea leaves. Once brewed, however, it provides a scent and taste of citrus and really gives a warm toasty vibe.

Pure Leaf Home Brewed Hot Teas Review in Pure Leaf Early Grey Tea Loose Long Leaf

Have you tried Pure Leaf before? Do you have a favourite tea? Do you add things into your tea or drink it as is?

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