Hello, Baking Season! Autumn is here!

It may be called Autumn but I call it baking season! I mean, I bake all year round but during this time of the year, I do the most baking. I have posted a few recipes in the past and thought it would be the appropriate time to share them once again in honour of the first day of Autumn! Cheers & Enjoy!

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Apple Rose – This pretty decorative dessert seem like a challenge to make, but trust me, it’s easy and delicious.

Apple Crostata – If you’re craving for a homemade apple, this Apple Crostata will be the closest dessert to an apple pie – plus depending on the size you’re making, it can technically be a single serving.

Butter Cookies – Do you love those scrumptious butter cookies from the blue tin box? You’re in luck, these butter cookies taste just like the ones from the box.

French Almond Macaron – These are my fool-proof French Almond Macaron recipes and they are perfect to make year-round, seriously! To make them extra special for Autumn, sprinkle cinnamon before baking and make either a salted caramel, apple cider or pumpkin spice buttercream as the filling.

Strawberry Muffins – Replace strawberries with cinnamon apples in this recipe and you’ll get delicious cinnamon apple muffins.

Let me know in the comments:
Do you have a favourite Autumn dessert? Are you more into apples or pumpkin spice? What are you looking forward to this season?

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