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Is it just me or are seeing “What’s In My Bag” posts and videos from others highly intriguing?

I switch my bag pretty frequently and I would assume the content inside hasn’t changed. But then again, after all these years, I’m sure the littlest things have been taken out and/or added in. Since it has been a while since I did a What’s In My Bag post, I thought this would be an appropriate time to show what’s inside my current bag. And let me know in the comments, what are some unusual things are in YOUR bag?

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What's In My Bag? Zara Medium Tote Bag Review

Zara Medium Tote Bag (Fall 2017)

I was looking for a simple black purse but not just any purse, I’m very specific. I would prefer if it had a removable crossbody strap, a zipper closure so my stuff isn’t exposed, little to no logo shown, and the focal point – it needed to be big enough in which I can store a lot and not sacrifice anything but small enough so I can wear this during the day for work and into an evening event.

It took me a while to find THE perfect bag that matched all my requirements. Then, I came across the Zara medium tote bag while strolling through the website one day with no intention of looking at handbags. Score!

What's In My Bag? Purse Organizer from Dollarama and Amazon

Purse organizer

I’m a huge organizer in life and organizing my bag is no different. It’s hard for me to just throw stuff in my bag – everything has a dedicated spot, I practically tetris my bag. I found this purse organizer at a Dollarama. I was hoping they had a black version but I guess I can settle with red – I mean, no one is really going to see it and as long as it does it’s job. PLUS, it’s super convenience when switching to a different bag.

What's In My Bag? Hair Ties. Claire's Multi Tool Manicure Kit / Pocket Knife. Listerine Breath Strips. Lancome Mirror. Band-Aid Bandages

Hair Tie | Multi Tool Manicure Kit | Listerine Breath Strips | Mirror | Band-Aid Bandages

I feel like this compartment is pretty self-explanatory. I always carry extra hair ties with me because you never know when you or someone needs one. The Multi Tool Manicure Kit is from Claire’s back when I was a pre-teen. Yup, this little guy has been with me and in every bag used since. Breath strips and candy mints are always in my bag for those times when you need to refresh the breath and gum isn’t an option. A mirror to touch-up makeup, check for any food stuck between the teeth, etc. And when it comes to bandages, you can always count on me. I’m not accident-prone but it’s always good to have a couple of bandages in case of an emergency.

What's In My Bag? Portable Flashlight, Jack Black Lip Balm in Mint, Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer, L'Occitane Hand Cream, Lancome and Make Up For Ever Lipsticks

Keys | Flashlight | Jack Black Lip Balm | Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer | L’Occitane Hand Cream | Lipsticks

Of course, I have my keys but attached to the keys is a flashlight. Why? You never know when it comes in handy (like if there’s a citywide power outage, it’s late and you need to cross the street to get home but no cars would stop). My #1 favourite lip balm of all time – Jack Black lip balm in mint, you best bet I have a stockpile in my drawer. Now, when it comes to a good sale, Bath and Body Works knows how to lure you in and stock up. A few years ago, I stocked up on their hand sanitizer and well, I still working on them. Dry hands are never the case thanks to L’Occitane hand cream and lips are always puckered because there’s always a lipstick or two thrown into the bag.

What's In My Bag? Michael Kors Liane Small Billfold Wallet. TNA Aritzia Coin Card Pouch. iPod Nano 7th Generation. Canon SX170 Camera

Michael Kors Wallet | TNA Coin + Card Pouch | iPod Nano | Camera + “camera” case

I realized a continental wallet wasn’t practical so I switched to a much smaller wallet and only carry the essential cards and in the exterior zip coin pouch, I store a few bandages (of course) and all my loyalty card fobs attached to a keychain. I have this little TNA pouch that came with the jacket and I store all loose change, more loyalty cards and yes, there’s a few bandages in the pouch. I’m someone who doesn’t like to rely on my phone for everything and have the battery drain faster than it needs to be, hence why I have with me my iPod Nano and my Canon camera. Oh, and that camera case is actually a makeup bag from a Lancome Gift with Purchase.

What's In My Bag? Excel White Gum. Vistaprint Customized and Personalized Business Cards. Muji Aluminum Business Card Case. IKEA Knalla Shopping Bag. Stationary - Pen. Measuring Tape.

Gum | Muji Card Case + Business Cards | Ikea Shopping Bag | Pen | Measuring Tape

Although breath strips and mints are great but I’m a gum person, I always have a pack of gum with me. Business cards, because you never know where you’ll be and who you’ll meet. A reusable shopping bag is a must, not only for groceries but sometimes festivals and events happen and promotional items are distributed, the last thing I want is to carry them around loosely. A pen for when you need to write something. And questionably, a measuring tape? Why not, you’d be surprised at how useful having a measuring tape can be.

What's In My Bag? ASUS ZenFone 3. Purse Hook. Kleenex Tissues. Coupons.

Phone (ASUS ZenFone 3) | Purse hook | Tissues (Kleenex) | Coupon Pouch

Sometimes I leave my phone in my jacket pocket (if it has one/ if it fits), all other times it would be in the bag. A purse hook to hang my bag on the side of a table instead of behind the chair. Tissues – self-explanatory. And yes, a pouch which houses coupons. No, I’m not an extreme couponer. Would I want to be one? I don’t think I qualify.

What's In My Bag? Notebook. Pierre Belvedere Pocket Agenda.

Notebook | Planner (Pierre Belvedere Pocket Agenda).
Not shown: Water bottle and snacks.

Outside the purse organizer, I have my notebook and planner. As well, I usually carry my water bottle and a few snacks (granola bars, trail mix, crackers). Carrying snacks is essential as I’m always on the go and sometimes forget to eat.

What’s in YOUR bag? If you have a post or video of what’s inside your bag, link it below!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All products featured under this post were purchases made from me.

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