Positive Quote This will be a good year

Entering a new year can mean different things for a lot of people, some use it to create resolutions or goals, others will use it as clean start, and then there are some who will treat it like another day. For me, I am going in with an positive outlook. My matra for 2018 is “this will be a good year,” and I know it will be – focusing on the good, closing the door on the bad, and working on loving myself.

It’s safe to say this past year wasn’t easy. There were challenges, adventures, discoveries, lessons learned. I faced the fears that I was afraid of and took risks, there were new skills that were found and opportunities that were presented, dilemmas that lead to a lot of “what ifs”, and well-needed constructive criticism that shattered me at first but ultimately was for the better.

In 2018, I’m taking what I have learned and making improvements to better myself, to not be hard on myself, to always look on the positive side. It’s no easy feat but it’s a task I’m ready to face.

With that said, I am wishing everyone a year filled with happiness, goals and aspiration. Cheers to an amazing 2018!

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