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Flawless by Friday Flawless in 15 Under Eye Rescue Mask Review

Long day at the office? Heading out tonight? Just want some relaxing “me time”? Flawless by Friday Flawless in 15 is a quick-fix eye mask that will reduce puffiness and dark circle and make you feel wide awake (even if you’re not)!

Sheet masks, clay masks, peel mask, eye masks, lip masks, any type of facial mask is a good mask in my book – who’s with me? To me, facial masks are like a spa day for when there’s no time to book a facial or when you just want to take a 30 minute break from your busy schedule. Either way, anything to make my skin feel its best makes ME feel at my utmost best. Flawless in 15 does just that. In 15 minutes, these under eye puffiness will make you feel rejuvenating in the best way possible.

Flawless by Friday Flawless in 15 Under Eye Rescue Mask Review

What’s in it?
Honey and gold! Gold fights signs of aging and boosts collagen production while soothing honey heals the skin.< When and how to use: Use these as needed, whether it’s after a long day, before a night out or just need a pick me up. Apply the masks under the eyes, leave it on for 15 minutes, remove the mask and pat any of the remainder product into the skin and you’ll be golden!

Flawless by Friday Flawless in 15 Under Eye Rescue Mask Review

Flawless in 15 is an instant favourite! Once the package is opened, the two eye mask are housed in a plastic case with white sheets separating the two. There is a subtle honey scent and there is a generous amount of product soaked in. When applied under the eye, my eyes felt more awake – it felt cooling and relaxing at the same time. During the 15 minutes, the eye mask comfortably stayed on. I was hesitant at first that the product would slide off easily because of how slippery it was but it did not move one bit. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight in the end. In fact, it left my under eyes feeling very refreshed and radiant.

What are your thoughts on Flawless in 15? Have you tried Flawless by Friday? What’s your favourite type of facial mask?

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