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Revlon Kiss Balm Exfoliating Balm Duo Pack Review

Nobody likes dry, chapped lips. If I had smooth lips, I wouldn’t be complaining but since I don’t, lip balms, to me, are an essential need. Although I have my list of favourite lip balms, it never hurts to venture out and discover new lip balms that are in the market. Revlon Kiss Balm states they provide hydrating formula infused with natural fruit oils, 24 hour hydration, sheer colour, and SPF 20. I like the sounds of those claims, let’s see if they live up their hype.

Revlon Kiss Balm Exfoliating Balm Duo Pack Review

Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm

Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm Review
Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm

A sugar scrub and 24 hour hydration, Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm has real sugar crystals to polish dryness away and then melt for softer, smoother lips. It can be used alone for instantly smooth lips or as a prep step for better lip colour application. A soothing sweet mint flavour, its formula is infused with natural fruit oils for 24 hours of moisture.

Whether it’s store bought or homemade, I love a good lip scrub. The only downside to lip scrubs are that they aren’t meant to be a leave-in and go on with your day lip product. You will need to wipe the product off and apply a lip balm. With the Exfoliating Balm, there’s no need to wipe off the product. Simple swipe the product on the lips and rub lips together, the sugars will dissolve and you’re then left with moisturized lips. The exfoliating scrub has a sweet minty scent and once applied, it left my lips with a cooling sensation and balm texture.

Revlon Kiss Balm

Revlon Kiss Balm in 035 Berry Burst Review
Revlon Kiss Balm – Berry Burst

A ultra hydrating lip care with SPF 20 protection, Kiss Balm provides instantly softer, smoother, kissable lips. Available in 6 fresh fruit flavors, it provides a juicy tint of sheer colour, while its hydrating formula is infused with natural fruit oils.

Revlon’s Kiss Balm in Berry Burst has a sheer magenta tint – a very forgiving “my lips but better” shade. It has the scent of mixed berry. I love the fact that there’s SPF in the lip balm to protect the lips. The lip balm glides on smoothly and left my lips moisturized. Reapplication is needed to maintain the moisture as well as the colour as it does fade throughout the day.

What are your thoughts on Revlon Kiss Balm? How often do you exfoliate your lips? Are you a fan of sheer colour lip balms?

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