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Get Ready With Me Full Face of Makeup featuring Burt's Bees Beauty

We all have our favourite makeup products, probably ranging from low to high end. And with so many different beauty products available in the market, you’re not restricted to using one brand to create your makeup look – if you choose not to.

When it comes to getting ready, makeup wise, the products I use come from various brands. But as fun as having a lot of options can be, I sometimes get carried away and mix around products from left to right.

To keep things simple and fun (and a tad bit challenging), I oftentimes like to create basic makeup looks using products strictly from one brand, this time around I’m Getting Ready with Burt’s Bees Beauty.

A full face of Burt’s Bees Beauty products? Let’s do this!

Get Ready With Me Full Face of Makeup Using Burt's Bees Beauty

Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup – 1025 Natural Beige
Mattifying Powder Foundation – 1110 Vanilla
Blush Makeup – 1205 Bare Peach

Eyebrow Pencil – 1610 Brunette
Eye Shadow Trio – 1505 Shimmering Nudes
Nourishing Eye Liner – 1405 Soft Black
Nourishing Mascara – Classic Black

Glossy Lipstick – Peony Dew

How do think I did getting ready with a full face of Burt’s Bees Beauty products? Are you a fan of Burt’s Bees Beauty? Here’s a fun challenge: gather one brand of makeup products in your stash and do a full face from that specific brand. How’d you do? Tag me in your looks on the social!

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