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Dress Up Your Shoes this holiday season with ALTERRE NY Interchangeable Shoes Accessories

When I find a pair of shoes I love, I practically wear it daily but sometimes wearing the same favourable pair can be boring. Buying the same pair of shoes but in a different colour can help ease that boredom. Though, that can eventually be a bit tiring towards your outfit.

The thought of buying a completely new shoe is there but when you love a pair of shoes so much, you don’t want to give it up. There has to be another way to keep my favourite shoes but give it some va-va-voom.

Insert Alterre shoe accessories. (Keep reading for a discount code)

ALTERRE New York Interchangeable Shoes Accessories North Star Review
ALTERRE New York Interchangeable Shoes Accessories North Star Review

I have mentioned Alterre in a previous blog post when they first launched (check out the post here). It has been a few years and since then, they have expanded with their shoe styles and they recently included accessories for their shoes.

Made with genuine leather in New York with Fair Labour and 5% of their sales profit are donated to Restore NYC, Alterre is known for their interchangeable shoes – super comfy and a ton of shoe combinations. With their accessories, you can add that to the combination mix and you’ll have an “endless shoe collection”.

ALTERRE New York Interchangeable Shoes Accessories North Star Review

Best part of their accessories?! You don’t need to own a pair of Alterre shoes to enjoy them. If you have a pair of shoes with a 1/4 inch strap, you’re good to go! Simply slide the accessory into the strap and volia – a simple shoe accessory changes the look of a shoe!

What I love about Alterre shoe accessories are that they are easy to change your shoe game from day to night. As someone who often goes from work to evening events, it’s super convenient to keep the shoe accessories in my purse and when it’s time to leave the office, I will add the accessory on my shoe and be on my way.

ALTERRE New York Interchangeable Shoes Accessories North Star Review

The accessory “North Star” as it’s such a great way to spruce up my favourite shoe into a festive holiday shoe. The silver firework-like style really gives an extra bit of shine and WOW to the shoes. I like adding them on the side facing out but it also looks super cute placed in the center. To make a shoe look completely new and different, why not add a few more North Star all around the strap – that’ll look extra cute!

Want to dress up your shoes or know a shoeaholic who would love to accessorize their shoes? Head over to Alterre and use discount code HolidayCharm for 10% off all Alterre accessories (discount code valid until January 1, 2019).

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