To me, the year 2018 was all about care, skincare and self care more specifically.

At the beginning of the year, I started to dive into the research of skincare and slowly saw results that felt more long term, instead of a temporary fix. Currently, I feel my skin is at a stage where I am comfortable and happy. I’m still not 100% satisfy with my skin but seeing the improvements throughout 2018, I know I’m heading towards the right skincare path.

Taking care of my skin is one thing, taking care of myself is another. People always say to take care of yourself, and I agree. But I didn’t realize to what degree. I always take care of myself by generally keeping myself “healthy”. The word Healthy can be thrown in so many ways. Half way into 2018, I opened a new world of the word Healthy. Besides continuing to eat right and exercising, I gave time to myself.

In August, I went on a cruise and completely disconnected myself from the internet world. I thought I wouldn’t survive but to my surprise, it felt amazing. Coming home, I didn’t want to login because I felt my mind was at ease (and because I was terrified going through a weeks worth of emails). Since then, I would do a social media pause for a few days whenever I can (usually during long weekends/holidays) and really do things outside of social media that make me happy – taking pictures and editing without tight deadlines, journaling, drawing. All this expanded my creative outlet and made me be with my thoughts and stopped me from being at my lowest.

Coming into 2019, I will continue to give myself all the care I need; being confident with my skin, more time with myself – physically, mentally, spiritually, and loving myself overall.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a 2019 filled with love, support, and lots of happiness.


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