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Farleyco Beauty COLAB Dry Shampoo Original Fragrance Review

Dry shampoo – your best friend at the worst of times. That is, when you wake up to unexpected amount of grease in your hair and have no time to wash it before heading out or you’re someone who trying to cut down on the number of hair washes per week.

COLAB is an award-winning dry shampoo created by a team of beauty insiders, including international blogger Ruth Crilly. Spray the quick fix formula into roots to absorb hair oil without white residue (after brushing) for effortlessly refreshed hair in an instant.

Farleyco Beauty Spring Box 2019 - COLAB Dry Shampoo Review

COLAB’s Original fragrance Dry Shampoo gives hair an instant wow-factor with a ‘Too cool for school’ vibe and an effortlessly cool, bergamot and rose scent so you can slay all day!

Maybe it’s just me but when I apply dry shampoo, my hair tends to be greasier than before adding it in. I’ve tried a handful of dry shampoo over the years, ranging from low to high-end brands, and a few were hits but most were misses. Thus, I’m not much of a dry shampoo user.

Farleyco Beauty COLAB Dry Shampoo Original Fragrance Review

That being said, COLAB Dry Shampoo seems to work fine on my hair. It doesn’t completely leave my hair looking fresh and grease-free but it doesn’t make my hair greasier – which is great! The dry shampoo sprays easily and evenly and does not leave any white/powdery residue after massaging it into the hair. The scent of COLAB dry shampoo in the original fragrance has a very refreshing sweet scent that hints rose and bergamot.

By the end of the day, there was a bit more oil on my hair but it’s not overly greasy. Overall, COLAB dry shampoo is going into my hit pile. It leaves my hair a little more clean, adds a bit of hair volume, and the scent is dreamily refreshing!

What are your thoughts on COLAB Dry Shampoo? Are you an avid dry shampoo user? Do you have a favourite dry shampoo?

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