Throwback Lookbook Aritzia

A few months ago Aritzia posted a tweet asking followers what was their first Aritzia purchase. Of course I chimed in but it had me thinking about all those earlier purchases I’ve made from them (there was A LOT of TNA). And wild enough, there are some items I still wear to this day. So let’s go down memory lane with a little throwback lookbook featuring Aritzia.

I’m all about having a wardrobe full of classics that never go out of style but also with the highest of quality. It’s safe to say it’s part of my genes as family members (+ extended) have clothing that are as old as me (some even older), still in great condition and are still being worn to this day.

TNA Parka, 2006

Throwback Lookbook Aritzia TNA Black Magic Parka
TNA Parka

Aritzia is known for quality. I have been shopping there since I was an early teen and it’s still one of my go-to stores. One of the earliest purchases was this TNA Parka. The name of this parka changes every year but the style remains the same.

I’ve seriously worn this parka for 12 winters, surviving through heavy snow storms, winter activities, and yearly washes. Its interior faux-fur lining keeps me warm while the magnetic closures are probably the coolest thing ever – no need for individual buttons!

Throughout the years I’ve had family and friends ask me about this parka and it convinced them to make the purchase (some being their first Aritzia purchase). So if you’re looking for a quality winter parka, I would 100% recommend this one from TNA!

Talula Babaton Bromley Coat, 2011

Throwback Lookbook Aritzia Talula Babaton Bromley Wool Cashmere Knee Button Coat Dark Charcoal
Talula Babaton Bromley Wool Coat

Unfortunately, this coat is no longer available at Aritzia but they do have an incredible selection of wool coats in their lineup. I had my eye on this coat for years before making the purchase. Year after year I would try it on in-store but never gave in.

Then one day after class, I headed to the mall and spotted this coat with a serious sale markdown that was hard to pass up. It was the only one on the rack, there were no damages AND it was in my size. I mean, if that wasn’t a sign for me to make the purchase, I don’t know what is.

I love wearing this coat on days when it’s cold but not freezing. It’s the perfect coat that can be worn dressed up for a night out or casually during the day. I also love throwing the collar up for some warmth to my neck.

TNA Long Flare Pants, 2006

Throwback Lookbook Aritzia TNA Sup Unbrush Long Flare Yoga Track Pants
TNA Long Flare Pants

Wow, wow, wow! These TNA Long Flare Pants go WAY back! Remember the TNA tracksuit (the matching zip up sweater and pant)? I saw so many people wearing them, including a few teachers in middle school. I asked where they bought it and that lead me to discover Aritzia. Fast forward a year later, I was one of those in the matching tracksuit.

But I loved the pants so much that I own more than one. They are so comfy and easy to throw on and head out. I don’t really wear these outside as frequently as I used to but they are the perfect daytime loungewear (which is what I do nowadays).

And let’s talk about the quality in these pants. Besides years of wear and countless washes, it survived a bad scrape on the knee. No, seriously! I slid on gravel pavement in school and my knee was in a horrific condition but the pants were perfectly fine – no rips, nothing. *Thumbs up*!

Wilfred Tapestry Scarf, 2012

Throwback Lookbook Aritzia Wilfred Tapestry Wool Scarf
Wilfred Tapestry Wool Scarf

You know the weather starts to get chilly when you see Wilfred’s (I’m calling it now) “iconic” blanket scarf practically worn on every other person. There’s good reason why.

The designs of these Wilfred wool scarves are beautiful and they’re reversible. I remember one time I walked into class and saw a friend wearing the exact scarf (colour, style, and all) and then another friend walked in with the same one on too. Funny enough we were sitting together, unintentionally bundled in our scarves and our professor looked at us as if we had planned it, nope.

Whether it’s their blanket, rectangle, or triangle wool scarf, they all keep you nice and toasty warm. It’s the perfect size to wrap around your neck while also covering your ears, use it to bundle yourself up in a cold office setting, or as a literal blanket – which I have done.

P.S., Speaking of throwback. I have featured a few of these pieces in a previous post if you would like to see them on.

What are your thoughts on this little Aritzia throwback lookbook? Are there any clothing pieces that you still wear to this day? Do you shop for trendy or classic/timeless pieces?

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