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When it comes to makeup, lipstick is one of those that you can throw on and your makeup will look complete. But sometimes it’s not easy to simply throw on a lipstick. Either you feel your lips are not plumped enough to showcase the colour you’re wearing or the thought of having lipstick feather and bleed over the lips prevents you from wanting to wear a bold shade. Insert Lips By Modèle – Plump & Sealed.

As an expert in “cosmeceuticals” Modèle uses breakthrough technology and scientific understanding to develop industry-leading formulas that work to feed skin to retain a beautiful self.

Farleyco Beauty Modele Lip Treatments Plump and Sealed Review

All Modèle products are scientifically formulated, tested and proven to work. Many of its formulations are so effective in fact that they’ve been patented – ensuring that you receive the best skin care knowledge in every product, and formulations that nothing else on the market can deliver.

Modèle led the way in the evolution to today’s skin care market, and are proud to be at the forefront of delivering unique and innovative products to their customers. Modèle products are manufactured in Europe to the highest pharmaceutical company-grade standards, uses high-quality ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Lips By Modèle Plump – Collagen Lip Treatment

Farleyco Beauty Lips By Modele Plump Collagen Lip Treatment Review
Lips By Modèle Plump – $29.99

Clinically shown to visibly restore lip volume by up to 40%. Lips By Modèle Plump reduces wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines up to 30% and improves hydration up to 60%. It’s not tested on animals and is paraben free.

The packaging of Lips By Modèle Plump comes in a lipstick tube while the “lipstick” itself is white and applies transparent – like a lip balm. It applies on smoothly and leaves lips moisturized. After only one day of use, I notice a slight bit of plumpness on my lips. I am sure after a few weeks of use, there will be a bigger difference.

Farleyco Beauty Lips By Modele Plump Collagen Lip Treatment Review Before After

How to achieve plump lips: Apply 3 times daily for first 30 days or until desired lip plumpness is achieved. Maintain plump lips with daily use once or twice each day. Can be worn on it’s own or as a base for lipstick.

Lips By Modèle Sealed – Lip Sealer

Farleyco Beauty Lips By Modele Sealed Lip Sealer Review
Lips By Modèle Sealed – $13.49

Eliminates feathering and bleeding of lipstick. Lips By Modèle Sealed seals, protects, and prolongs lipstick for 8 hours while also being kiss, wine and food proof. It uses botanical formula, it is also paraben free and not tested on animals.

The product comes in a sturdy glass tube packaging with a brush applicator. It does have a bit of an alcohol scent and feel before application. Once applied, it does have a slight cooling tingle on the lips that eventually goes away.

After avoiding the lips from doing anything for 20 minutes, my lips feel normal, there was no stickiness, dryness or anything. It almost feels like I have no lipstick on. Throughout the day, I noticed the lipstick stayed on, no fading and hardly any transfer, even a gently wipe down on the lips it stayed put – it really sealed the deal!

Farleyco Beauty Lips By Modele Sealed Lip Sealer Review Before After End of Day

How to achieve lasting lip colour: Apply lipstick and blot lightly with a tissue. Then, apply 2 to 4 generous coats of the Lip Sealer. Keep lips apart for 20 seconds. Avoid pressing lips together for 1 minute. Avoid eating, drinking and kissing for 20 minutes. Clean and remove with soap and water or any makeup remover.
For best results, use Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment as a base for your lipstick for more plump, moist lips.

What are your thoughts on Lips By Modèle Plump & Sealed Lip Treatments? Would you try these products?

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4 thoughts on “Lips By Modèle Plump & Sealed”

  1. Obviously this is shown in a young women.I would like to see it on a woman my age.I am 69. As most of us are aware thinning lips happens when we age.

    1. Hi Eleanor. I’m sorry my personal review on this product wasn’t helpful to you. I am certain with a quick search online, there will be reviews available that will be more helpful. Have a great day!

  2. Actually the product has been effective for improving the lip condition of women of any age, since the product line started 15 years ago. Many of the loyal long time customers are 65+. I hope that answers your questions.

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