Chi Patisserie Matcha Sesame Oolong Peach Fresh Strawberry Mousse Cake Desserts

Chi Patisserie

I will admit, I have a sweet tooth. Luckily, so do some of my friends. Unfortunately we all have busy lives and hardly have time to get together in the same city, but when we do, it’s no question that we go on our dessert adventures. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE food – foodies at heart – but something about desserts holds a special place in us.

Bookmarked on my Google Maps is a long lists of sweet spots, literally! And with so many delicious cafes, bakeries and restaurants popping up in and around the city, the list just keeps on growing. It doesn’t help that my friends also have their growing lists of dessert places that they are eager to visit whenever we’re together. Thankfully some on our lists are duplicates but we still have a journey to go.

On the list is Chi Patisserie. I have had this place bookmarked back in 2018 and finally made the visit at the start of 2020. What made us want to try Chi Patisserie was not simply because of the photo-worthy desserts (although they are VERY Instagrammable), but how unique and delectable the desserts are.

Chi Patisserie Oolong Peach Cake Oolong Jasmine Mousse White Peach Jelly Orange Ganache Cocoa Chiffon
Oolong Peach Cake
Chi Patisserie Limited Edition Fresh Strawberry Mousse Cake
Fresh Strawberry Mousse Cake
Chi Patisserie Matcha Sesame Cake Matcha Mousse Black Sesame Creme Anglais
Matcha Sesame Cake

Disclaimer: Photos are of my own.

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