January 2020 Empties featuring Hair and Skin Care Products

At the start of every new year, many either make resolutions or goals. I’m not into making resolutions or setting goals at the beginning of the year. I’m someone that simply goes for whatever it is that I set my mind to and start right there and then. None of that waiting until the clock strikes midnight business.

This time around it just so happened to be the start of the new year. A few days into January, I had just emptied a product and a few days after that, another product had its last drop. I figured since I had a few other products that were almost done, I might as well try to finish them up and do an empties post for the month of January 2020.

And then I thought I should make it a 12 month goal, a 2020 goal, if you will. I have a hard time finishing products – I can only use so many products in the recommended amounts in a day. On top of that, I don’t often stick to the same products – either I switch out products to fit the days needs or I need to test and review a product. So the goal is to clear out my ever growing stash of products, and produce an empties post every month for a year, starting now, January 2020.


Empties L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Pantene Pro-V OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner (Product Review)
It takes me forever to finish a full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner because I switch them out every so often in order to review other hair wash products. Also, there’s no need to use a lot to lather, so if I were to solely use a full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and I wash my hair every 2-3 days, it will at least take about a year to finish. You can imagine how long it took me to finally finish the L’Oreal Total Repair 5.

Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Frizzy to Smooth Conditioner
I actually took this travel size conditioner with me on three different travels and had yet to finish it, until now. My hair isn’t overly frizzy, nor is it medium-thick, so I didn’t notice a big difference when using this conditioner. It did, however, leave my hair with a smooth finish.

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo
I also took this travel size shampoo with me on three different travels and I finally decided to finish it off now (it was half way finished) instead of holding it off until the next trip. This OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo smelled very relaxing and it lathered into my hair nicely. It left my hair feeling very cleansed, soft, and shiny.


Empties Nivea Q10 Plus Province Apothecary Regenerating Stimulating Exfoliator Avene Cleanser The Ordinary Marula Oil

NIVEA Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream with SPF30 (Product Review)
This product took a while to finish but I quite enjoyed the Nivea Q10 Plus Day Cream. I knew the SPF wasn’t as effective as when I first opened the product, so I always topped it with a sunscreen. It still left my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator
This exfoliator was okay for me, it’s not my favourite. I wasn’t a fan of the ingredients (seeds, leafs) trying to exfoliate my skin, I felt it was harsh on my skin and I felt it didn’t quite do much.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion
I hadn’t opened this sample until late last year and honestly, this cleansing lotion wasn’t too bad. It similarly felt like a cleansing balm – it melts into the skin and leaves a smooth finish without any irritations. It’s not my first choice of a cleanser but it did gently clear off all my makeup.

The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil
Marula Oil is probably my favourite oils out there. I like the way it makes my skin look and feel. I went through a few bottles of The Ordinary Marula Oil and there’s nothing bad to be said. It’s very similar to Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil but for a fraction of the price.

What are your thoughts on my January 2020 empties? Are you good at finishing up products? Have you tried any of the products featured?

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