Valentine Style Fashion Lookbook Aritzia OAK FORT Zara

When it comes to any celebratory day, I LOVE coordinating my outfit to go with the theme. In this case, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so bring out the reds and pinks! Luckily for me, my wardrobe is filled with shades of pinks but if you are in need of some cupid approved outfit inspiration to fit the mood (whatever that “mood” may be), help is on the way!

I have browsed and collected a few looks that are not only great to wear for any Valentine theme event but can also be worn just about any other day after. So whether it’s a typical February 14th or a fancy dinner date, check out the Valentine Style Lookbook and let me know which is your favourite.

Chic Cozy Cuddles
Cozy up all day in a relaxing attire. A sleek stretchy bodycon tank and wide-leg trousers simply screams comfort and relaxation. Finish it off with a soft alpaca blend fabric cardigan that will feel like warm hugs.

Valentine Style Fashion Lookbook Aritzia Wilfred Free Tiny Tank Melody Alpaca Cardigan Paperbag Pant

WILFRED: Wilfred Free Tiny Tank – Lillooet | Melody Alpaca Cardigan – Birch | Paperbag Pant – Genuine Brown

Fancy Flings
Feeling fancy with a fling? Whether it’s in the form of a slip dress or a midi skirt, throw on a little bit of satin and it will spruce up any outfit. Pair it with a comfy heeled sandal and dance the night away.

Valentine Style Fashion Lookbook OAK FORT Heeled Sandal 3455 Skirt 4669 TShirt 5270

OAK + FORT: TShirt 5270 – Pink | Skirt 4669 – Red | Heeled Sandal 3455 – Black

Inspired to Linger in Lingerie
Lingerie meets the outdoors. Who says lingerie is strictly for behind closed doors? Okay, maybe. But in a nonchalant way, one can easily put on a lingerie-inspired outfit that can actually be worn appropriately any time of the day.

Valentine Style Fashion Lookbook Aritzia Wilfred Durante Jacket Melina Pant Ruffle Camisole

WILFRED: Durante Jacket – Rustique | Ruffle Camisole – Mauve Mousse Pink | Melina Pant – Black

Dress Code for Dining and Desserts
Throw on a fun little outfit and dine with fine wine. It’s not often one can wear a fun dressy outfit on a regular day, so let this Valentine’s Day be the excuse. With a mix of cute prints and different textures, this outfit says “The day is young and fun.”

Valentine Style Fashion Lookbook Zara Embroidered Polka Dot Blouse Low Vamp Heeled Shoes Pearl Handbag Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ZARA: Embroidered Polka Dot Blouse – Pink/White | Pearl Handbag – White |
Low Vamp Heeled Shoes – Black | Ruffled Tulle Skirt – Burgundy

What is your favourite Valentine Style from this lookbook? Would you wear any of the pieces shown from this lookbook? Do you fully partake in Valentine’s Day celebrations?

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Photos are from their respective source.

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