At-Home Activities. Ideas to combat at-home boredom for all ages

So you’re stuck at home on a rainy day or the city is on lockdown for various reasons (you know, like a snow day or during a pandemic) and you feel like a blank word document due to writer’s block. What to do? If you’re struggling with what feels like nothing to do at home, here are some activities to combat at-home boredom that are great for all ages.

Catch Up – Whether it’s a physical or digital copy, pick up the book you’ve been meaning to read, re-read a book you haven’t read in ages or browse around a blog. Not a big reader? There’s probably a show or two or even a few films that need some catching up on, so go ahead and binge! While we’re on the topic of catching up, why not catch up with family and friends? Sit down with a person in the household or pick up the phone and chat away!

Clean – Weekly chores and cleaning the house is one thing, deep cleaning is another. Take the time to seriously dust off and wipe down the surfaces and vacuum every corner (literally). PS, if you’re not a regular makeup brush cleaner, consider this to be your reminder! Don’t like chores? Why not clean your space, reorganize and redecorate the rooms in your home, or go through the closets and de-clutter the unnecessary.

Create – Remember the good ol’ days of elementary school, where Friday afternoons were usually arts and crafts period? Well, regardless if we all shared a similar school schedule, art class was always fun and brings out the creative side in all of us. So whether it’s a project you’ve been meaning to work on, taking up a new hobby, or getting crafty with the kids, why not use your downtime and work on a DIY project.

Kitchen – Food is essential but I’m not encouraging you to sit in your kitchen and eat your way of boredom (please, don’t do that). Instead, look up a recipe either from a cookbook or online or better yet, grab some ingredients around the kitchen and whip up something delicious – MasterChef style.

Play – Have some fun while staying active indoors by doing some at-home workouts. Not into exercising? Bring out the board games or video game consoles and there goes hours of fun with the family.

What are some other at-home activities? How do you combat boredom while stuck at home?

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