Celebrating Mom. Mother's Day Gift Guide Distancing Edition

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with everything that is going on, many of us may not be able to spend time in-person with our Mom, Grandma, Aunties, or any one who is considered a Mother figure. Whether you’re practising physical distancing or living abroad, I’m hoping this distancing edition “gift guide” will provide inspiration to celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day from afar.

In conversation:
If you’re not one to call her regularly, pick up the phone and spend a good hour or two on Mother’s Day and ask her how she’s been doing. You can exchange makeup or skincare tips, perhaps a virtual spa day, or learn to cook one of her favourite recipes via video chat. If you come from a big family and often have a gathering during these times, set up a group chat with everyone – it’ll be special and a ton of fun!

Special delivery:
Support local businesses and order a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket of sorts and have it sent to her home. If flowers and gift baskets aren’t her thing, simply purchase something she likes (clothes, books, jewellery, etc) and ship it to her address. Don’t know she likes? Check out this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for inspiration.

The Thought That Counts:
Not a phone person and don’t feel like gifting her with stuff she doesn’t need? Send Mom a handwritten card and drop it off in her mailbox – if you have kids, get them involved. Because who doesn’t like a handwritten note? It’s one of those gifts that are well cherished and most meaningful.

What are your thoughts on Celebrating Mom – Distancing Edition? How will you be celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day? Want to know more ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, check out this previous post.

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