Celebrating Dad Father's Day Gift Guide Distancing Edition

Father’s Day is right around the corner and this time around it may be a little different. We may not be able to physically see and spend time with the ones we love, especially our Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, or any one who is considered a Father figure. So whether you’re practising physical distancing or living abroad, I’ve come up with a distancing edition “gift guide” to provide heartfelt inspiration to celebrating Dad on Father’s Day from afar.

A Virtual Party:
Talking on the phone is one thing but thankful for technology, we are able to SEE our love ones virtually. I agree, seeing each other in-person would be nice but sometimes it’s not permitted. So set up a group chat with the whole family and perhaps have a virtual family BBQ, beer in hand and all. If a group chat isn’t your forte, a one-on-one video call is just as meaningful.

Surprise in the Mail:
Who doesn’t love receiving a package in the mail? Now I know some Dads aren’t big with gifts but I’m sure a little gift from the most special people in his life will make his day. Not sure what he likes? Check out this Father’s Day Gift Guide for inspiration.

Simplicity at its finest:
If simple is what the Dad loves, then simple is what he is going to get. Give him a card with a heartfelt message, if you have kids, get them involved. If you’re living with someone who’s titled Father, perhaps make their day special and give them a relaxing day that they deserve.

What are your thoughts on Celebrating Dad – Distancing Edition? How will you be celebrating Dad this Father’s Day? Want to know more ways to celebrate Father’s Day, check out this previous post.

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