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bubble t Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream Review

Nourish your hands with all the antioxidant goodness you can imagine with Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream. This hydrating hand cream blends sweet orange oils, shea butter and goji berry extracts that helps restore and repair dry hands.

About Bubble T:

Inspired by the bubble tea phenomenon and the benefits of using tea-based properties in bath and beauty, Bubble T offers a range of innovative product range in Moroccan Mint Tea, Lemongrass & Green Tea and Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea.

Paraben, SLS and cruelty-free, Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a range of tea-infused ingredients and essential oils for an uplifting and refreshing experience like no other.

bubble t Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream Review

Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea is a sweet blend of hibiscus, acai berry, cranberry and wild strawberry that makes this scent combination good enough to eat. Bold and fruity, this fragrance is sure to deliver an uplifting and revitalizing pick-me-up.

Although my hands are the driest during the colder seasons, they are not that much more hydrating the rest of the time if I don’t apply some sort of moisturizer. And that’s why hand cream is a must-have everywhere I go: on my desk, bedside table, purse, EVERYWHERE!

Bubble T’s Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream is going under my lists of favourite hand creams and it’s probably going to be my hand cream of choice this summer due to its sweet summer-smelling scent. The scent is such a delight – it smells like a sweet fruity mix of hibiscus and berries. The hand cream itself absorbs immediately after application, leaving hands feeling super silky soft.

Overall, Bubble T Hand Cream not only smells amazing but leaves my hands hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. It’s perfect for everyone, whether you need to moisturize your hands or simply want to enjoy the touch of sweet fruit scent of summer, Bubble T Hand Cream is a must!

What are your thoughts on Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream? Have you tried any products by Bubble T? When it comes to hand creams, do you prefer it to have scent?

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