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Helena Lane Organic Skincare Essential Holiday Gifts Ideas Limited Edition Body Butter

This year, it is more important than ever to support and shop local! Helena Lane Organic Skincare is a cruelty-free, face and body brand, handmade by the lovely Helena in Squamish, British Columbia with certified organic and plant- or mineral-based ingredients.

If you or someone you know loves skincare, Helena offers a range of skincare products, from cleansers, oils and serums, to moisturizers and even face masks! Check out their gifts section and gift a skincare set that targets you or your recipient’s skincare needs or pick up one (or all) of their limited edition body butters that smell amazing and feel like you’re applying butter on your skin.

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Sets: $46 each

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Balancing Calming Nourishing Gift Set

When it comes to a new skincare brand or introducing someone who is new to skincare, the best way to test the waters is to buy their value sets. Usually these sets come with everything needed to get a feel of the products before committing, plus if their packaging is reusable, it’s a great way to refill and use for the next travel. And that is exactly what Helena Lane Organic Skincare Sets provide.

Each set contains 6 products (cleanser, hydrating mist, hydrating serum, moisturizer, face oil, and mask); everything you need for your daily skin care routine and enough product each to last 2-3 weeks. Full instructions included on how to get the most out of the set.

Balancing: Restores, purifies, revitalizes.
This set contains all six products formulated to help balance and clarify the skin. Choose this set if your skin is: normal, oily, combination, blemished, congested, hormonal acne, dull, teenage, inflamed, clogged pores.

Calming: Cools, soothes, strengthens.
This set contains all six products formulated to help calm and support even the most delicate skin. Choose this set if your skin is: normal, reactive, eczema, rosacea, inflamed, red, hyper-sensitive, itchy.

Nourishing: Supports, protects, rejuvenates.
This set contains all six products formulated to help nourish and boost radiance in the skin. Choose this set if your skin is: normal, dry, mature, sensitive, pigmented, delicate, sensitive, inflamed, fine lined, flaky, scarred, puffy.

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Limited Edition Body Butters: $42 each or all 3 for $98 ($28 in savings)

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Limited Edition Frankincense and Turmeric, Jasmine and Lime, Lavender and Geranium Body Butters

Hand poured into useful flip top glass jars and perfect for all skin types, treat your body and mind to these limited edition luxurious body butters. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this rich, smooth base of mango butter, camellia oil and argan oil absorbs rapidly, without residue, leaving skin nourished, soft and pampered.

Frankincense & Turmeric: The unmistakable scent of prized frankincense and anti-oxidant turmeric calms the mind while treating your body to the ultimate anti-aging and rejuvenating experience.

Jasmine & Lime: One of the first essential oil blends Helena made and fell in love with. Jasmine is famous for it’s intoxicating nature and ability to shift our mood. Uplifting, sensual and simply beautiful, the jasmine scent lingers on the skin long after the initial burst of fresh lime, a stunning combination!

Lavender & Geranium: An aromatherapy classic. Lavender & geranium are well loved for their benefits to our skin, body and mind. Drench yourself in calm and balance.

What are your thoughts on Helena Lane Organic Skincare? Have you tried any products from Helena Lane Organic Skincare? Do you have a favourite essential oil blend?

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