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When it comes to hair ties, are any of us really that picky? As long as it ties up our hair, we’re good, right?! I used to think that but I’ve had my fair share at buying different hair ties and I’ve come to realize I actually have a preference – they can’t be too weak or too tight of a stretch, a strong hold, doesn’t easily break, etc. Upon the many I’ve used, Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring has been coined as one of my favourites.

Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring True Black Review

I’m pretty certain almost everyone knows about Invisibobble, but in case you haven’t heard of them, Invisibobble creates products that are traceless, causes less damage, and less pain – resulting in happier, healthier hair. They are durable, have a strong hold and high wearing comfort.

Invisibobble have come a long way from their Original hair ring, they now have a Slim version, a Nano version, Sprunchie (a hair ring scrunchie), and so many innovative hair accessories that are comfortable and gentle for the hair. But we must never forget about the Original, the one that started it all.

Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring True Black Review Close Up

These Original hair rings come in a set of 3 and have a variety of colours to choose from – you can pick one to match your hair colour or go with your favourite colour. I love these hair rings, not only do they hold my hair up and stay that way but they don’t leave that hair kink at the end of the day. Plus, as someone who wears her hair ties on her wrist, these make a cool looking little bracelet that don’t look overly tacky.

What are your thoughts on Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring? Have you tried any other Invisibobble hair products?

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