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UNIC Eau De Parfum Hair Perfume White Flowers Review

Vanity aside, there’s a scientific reason UNIC Hair Perfume is so effective. While a fine, scented hair mist shouldn’t replace a daily spritz of eau de parfum, it offers protection from bad odours and benefits your locks, with frizz maintaining qualities and shine inducing treatments.

A long lasting fragrance created with a perfumer from Grasse, pamper your hair with UNIC Hair Perfume. Simply press on the pump to deliver a cloud of micro droplets that will cover your hair. UNIC provides smoothness and shine thanks to the recognized properties of silk protein, and fresh scented hair for the whole day.


  • Coco Monoi: Cover your hair with the smell of sun and holidays.
  • Red Fruits: A sparkling mix of sugary and fruity red fruits.
  • Sweet Vanilla: A delicious note of Sweet Vanilla.
  • White Flowers: All the freshness of spring and its beautiful white flowers.
UNIC Eau De Parfum Hair Perfume White Flowers Review

Besides hairsprays, dry shampoos, or any hair product that comes with a scent, I have never tried an actual hair perfume – I have sprayed perfume on myself that landed on my hair, does that count?! UNIC Hair Perfume is a pretty cool concept in the sense that it is actually meant for the hair with benefits of keeping hair silky and smooth. UNIC Hair Perfume in White Flower has such a lovely light floral scent, one spritz and the scent lingers throughout the day – seriously, ALL DAY! But don’t worry, as long as you ONLY SPRITZ ONCE, it’s not an overpowering strong scent.

Overall, this is such a great product to keep in your bag for those times when your hair catches a scent that isn’t ideal and need a quick freshen up. Whether that be coming indoors from a hot summer day (you know, that “outside” smell) or at a restaurant with a lot of smoke, I’m looking at you, Korean BBQ, once spritz and you’re good!

For $8.99, UNIC Hair Perfumes are currently available at shophali.com and coming soon to retailer stores.

What are your thoughts on UNIC Hair Perfume? Have you ever tried a perfume product that was for your hair?

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