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VYNE Botanicals Hop Infused Sparkling Water Review

If you love flavoured sparkling water, give VYNE Botanicals a try! Proudly brewed in Canada, VYNE is a non-alcoholic sparkling water infused with hops, creating a dynamic range of complex flavours and aromas. From peachy to piney, spicy to earthy, and almost everything in between, it’s always guaranteed to awaken your tastebuds.

Vyne is a gluten free, non-GMO product verified, vegan friendly, no added sugar, zero calorie drink made from natural flavours.

Three flavours to choose from:

The Citrus One
Hops lend this sparkling water a bright citrussy taste and aroma, with notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit. This is a real zinger.

VYNE Botanicals The Citrus One Hop Infused Sparkling Water Review

The Floral One
Discover yet another side to hops with this delicately floral sparkling water. A subtle blend of rose and hibiscus with fresh green notes. Think running through a spring meadow.

VYNE Botanicals The Floral One Hop Infused Sparkling Water Review

The Herbal One
Sparkling water with a subtle herbal character, brought to life through hops. An inviting blend of tropical fruits, rosemary, spice – and all things nice.

VYNE Botanicals The Herbal One Hop Infused Sparkling Water Review

When it comes to sparkling waters, I either drink them as is or add my own concoction of freshly squeezed citrus juice or fruit infusions to create a tasty blend. With Vyne Botanicals, it was more on a milder side when it came to taste. The flavour was there but you really had to give it a moment.

The scent from each flavour mimics the flavour. The Floral One had more of a sweet floral-like scent and taste, while the Herbal One had more of a lavender approach (like walking into a spa), and the Citrus One had a citrus juice infusion.

Overall, Vyne is a great option if you don’t want to make your own sparkling water infusions. It has the right amount of fizz that works well if you want that sparkling kick.

Get Vyne delivered straight to your doorstep via Vyne Botanicals Amazon store, or you can find them at your local Sobeys, Metro, Loblaws and IGA in Quebec.

What are your thoughts on Vyne Botanicals sparkling water? Do you drink sparkling water? What’s your go-to refreshing beverage?

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4 thoughts on “VYNE Botanicals Sparkling Water”

  1. I found these once in late 2022 or early 2023. I bought one each of the Herbal One, and the Floral One. They sat in my fridge for a bit and when I finally tried them in late February, The Herbal One was a definite hit. I went on a quest to find more, to no avail. I am very disappointed! Help

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