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Cleancult All Purpose Cleaner and Liquid Hand Soap Bottle Refill Review

Cleancult’s mission is to move forward from the old and conventional cleaning model and building a better system from scratch. They have discovered sustainable design, zero-waste packaging, and real, coconut-based ingredients that actually do the dirty work. Cleancult’s patented CocoClean technology utilizes the coconut’s natural cleaning properties to power the hardworking formulas, making their products the cleanest on earth.

Every day I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle. And if you’re like me and are looking for a more sustainable cleaning routine, check out Cleancult.

They offer paper-based refill cartons with plant-based caps on hand soap, dish soap, all purpose cleanser, and laundry detergent that can be poured into sleek, stylish, shatter-resistant glass bottles which can be reused FOREVER! They are also formulated to be vegan and eco/pet-friendly, so they are safe to use all around the household.

Best of all, not only are they clean but they CLEAN! I have tried the All Purpose Cleaner throughout the home and their coconut-powered CocoClean Technology does a powerful job at cleaning surfaces. And their hand soaps actually leaves my hands clean and doesn’t leave a stripping/drying feeling afterwards.

All Purpose Cleaner – Orange Zest

Cleancult All Purpose Cleaner Bottle Refill Orange Zest Review

This versatile All Purpose Cleaner is no-nonsense – freshening up all the spaces without any of the harsh chemicals. Every nook and cranny of your home is covered with a deep, responsible clean powered by coconuts.

Cleancult’s All Purpose Cleaner in Orange Zest has a nice orange citrus scent. It does leave a bit of a oily residue (which can be easily removed with a damp cloth) but it still does a great job at cleaning surfaces all around the home, from hardwood floors to tabletop counters. The refillable bottle itself has three different spray settings: jet spray, wide spray, off. It is protected with a no-slip silicone sleeve and is ergonomically designed for an easier grip.

Liquid Hand Soap – Grapefruit Basil

Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap Bottle Refill Grapefruit Basil Review

Cleancult’s coconut-based formula doesn’t just clean, it’s safe for sensitive skin, filled with nourishing Vitamin E, and restores the moisture other soaps have stripped away.

This Liquid Hand Soap in Grapefruit Basil has a lovely scent of fresh basil leaves and sweet grapefruit combine to create an energizing herbal experience. The soap itself has a thick consistency, lathers well and leaves my hands clean.

So finish up your last single-use plastic cleaning products and switch to Cleancult! Because this alternative is easier on you, your home, and our planet.

What are your thoughts on these Cleancult cleaning products? Have you tried any of their products before? Do you try to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

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