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Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self Tanning Mousse 1 Hour Express Tan Review

Looking for a self-tanner that provides a healthy-looking bronzed skin year-round? Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self-Tanning Mousse 1-Hour Express Tan not only leaves your skin with that perfect bronzed look but pampers your skin with an ultra-light formula which contains Vitamin E that hydrates the skin. This 1-hour express self-tanning formula is also transfer-resistant and dries quickly. Infused with a tropical scent that transports you to the islands, Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow is dermatologist tested and offers a flawless streak-free glow. In addition to caring for your skin, Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow is also doing its part to help care for the planet with a formula that is Reef Friendly and Cruelty-Free.


  • Achieve a flawless glow in as little as 1 hour
  • Hydrates your skin while you tan for a flawless streak-free glow
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • PETA-certified cruelty-free
  • Vegan

Instructions – For a flawless and streak-free tan ensure you clean and exfoliate the areas you will be applying the tan

  • Shake bottle well and press the foam firmly onto a tanning mitt or hand
  • Apply evenly onto the skin in a circular motion to desired body parts
  • Wash hands after use
  • Allow to dry before dressing
  • Rinse after 1 hour for a long-lasting tan. For a darker tan leave on your skin for 2-3 hours

To Remove

  • The colour produced by a sunless tanning product does not wash off; it simply fades as the upper layers of the epidermis wear away.
  • You can try to speed the exfoliation process by scrubbing the skin with a washcloth or loofah sponge.
  • It may take a week or more for the “tanned” skin to disappear.
Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self Tanning Mousse 1 Hour Express Tan Review

I love a bit of bronzy glow year-round but I am not one to go out and bathe in the sun to achieve it (skin cancer and sun damage is no joke!). That’s why self-tanners are a must in my skincare routine. When it comes to self-tanners, I usually opt for a lotion-based product but once in a while I will try other self-tanning products, such as an oil or mousse-based product. Hawaiian Tropic is one of my favourite sunscreen brands and their self-tanning mousse is definitely intriguing. Knowing that their sunscreens are amazing, I’m sure their tanning product will be just as wonderful, plus they should have their signature coconut scent, right?!

And I stand corrected – the Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self-Tanning Mousse has their iconic Hawaiian Tropic scent, a light coconut scent that smells oh-so-beautiful! When it comes to the product itself, it dispenses a mousse consistency that almost looks like whipped chocolate or coffee mousse in terms of shade and easily applies onto the skin. I used a tanning glove to apply the product and it goes on effortlessly, leaving no streaks. The products does leave a bit of a sticky feel but once it dries down, the stickiness lessens. During the hour before rinsing, I was able to go about my evening routine (I usually self-tan in the evening) and noticed no transfer on my clothes. I will note, however, it does have a slight self-tanner scent but nothing too bothersome.

Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self Tanning Mousse 1 Hour Express Tan Review Before After

I only left the product on for about an hour, in which I achieved a light bronze glow that was about a shade darker compared to before application. If you’re looking for a darker tan, I would recommend leaving the product on for about 2-3 hours, as suggested. But overall, I really enjoy this self-tanning mousse, it’s easy and quick to use, plus it doesn’t leave any streaks or leave you looking orange – simply a healthy-looking bronze glow.

What are your thoughts on Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Glow Self-Tanning Mousse? Have you tried any products from Hawaiian Tropic? Do you use self-tanners, if so, which ones?

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  1. The mousse format seems really neat. I really like Hawaiian TRopic’s sunscreens and after sun. They always smell so good.

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