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Grown Alchemist Hand Wash and Hand Cream Review

When it comes to hand care, I give them the same amount of attention as skincare and body care. And I am always exploring new hand soaps and moisturizers. I am not overly picky when it comes to hand products, as long as it has a nice scent, the soap doesn’t feel like it’s stripping moisture out of my skin and moisturizer isn’t too greasy feeling and doesn’t take forever to absorb. Enter Grown Alchemist.

Grown Alchemist Hand Wash: Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Sage

Grown Alchemist Hand Wash Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Sage Review

A gentle gel hand wash with skin softening and nourishing ingredients that leave skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and soothed. This delicately scented hand wash is infused with botanical oils that hydrate without disturbing the skin’s PH balance, while nourishing and protecting the skin against impurities.

This Grown Alchemist Hand Wash has a gel texture but while rinsing, it lathers nicely. It’s gentle and leaves hands comfortably clean and feeling soft and hydrated without stripping moisture from the skin. It has a clear scent of orange, cedarwood and sage that I personally don’t mind, it’s not too strong and goes perfectly by the kitchen sink or bathroom. I also like to follow up with Grown Alchemist Hand Cream.

Grown Alchemist Hand Cream: Vanilla, Orange Peel

Grown Alchemist Hand Cream Vanilla, Orange Peel Review

Soothe, soften and moisturize dry, dehydrated hands and cuticles with this intensely moisturizing, lightweight, non-greasy, beautifully scented formula, featuring a powerful blend of botanical extracts.

An intensely moisturizing, but lightweight, non-greasy hand lotion thanks to a blend of botanical oils that deliver superior, deeply penetrating hydration leaving skin soft and supple. Grown Alchemist’s bestselling hand moisturizer combines precious Rose Petal Oil, with Rosehip, Camelia, Sea Buckthorn, Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E. Enjoy the calm, pleasant, refreshing scent of vanillin and orange peel oils.

If you are a fan of the scent of fresh oranges, this hand cream from Grown Alchemist is a must try! It’s not an overly strong lingering scent of oranges but every time I had apply the hand cream, all I wanted to do was take a whiff because it smells like freshly squeezed orange juice. The hand cream itself applies effortlessly, it absorbs into the skin almost immediately without leaving a greasy feel. My hands and cuticles feel very soft, nourished, moisturized and hydrated. Perfect to use year-round but especially during the colder season.

What are your thoughts on Grown Alchemist Hand Wash and Cream? Have you tried any products from Grown Alchemist? Do you have a favourite hand soap scent?

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