Through the styles of fashion, the art in beauty, the lifestyle journeys.

Born and raised in a diverse city, growing up with a hobby of many things, Christina never knew which path to take. With a curious mind, open opportunities and an energy for adventure; her love for design, culture, and creativity took her to places she had never been.

Thanks to the internet world, it has now brought her here, her own personal blog. This is where she will share her love, knowledge, and discoveries. Christina strives fashion, do-it-yourself projects, cooking and baking, and the latest beauty trends. She has a passion in photography, writing, and graphic designing with a serious eye for detail and crafting to perfection.

A word from the editor:

I do not consider myself a professional expert on any topic by any means. I am a learner, willing to learn from others and everything that is around me.

I am here to share. This blog is dedicated to you, the readers. We will go on countless journeys, connect with one another and explore the world around us.

With love and sincerity,