At-Home Activities. Ideas to combat at-home boredom for all ages

At-Home Activities

So you’re stuck at home on a rainy day or the city is on lockdown for various reasons (you know, like a snow day or during a pandemic) and you feel like a blank word document due to writer’s block. What to do? If you’re struggling with what feels like nothing to do at home,…

How To Remove Sticker Residue. The cleanest way to effectively remove sticker residue. Removing sticky wrapping packaging from Elle Canada Beauty Grand Prix products

How To Remove Sticky Sticker Label Residue

I am the type that likes to reuse jars and bottles and always remove the paper or sticker label that comes with it. But let’s face it, certain labels and their adhesive can easily be removed on its own or by soaking it under water for 30 minutes, while others are stubborn and leave a sticky, tacky…

How to clean makeup brushes at home diy

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes are just as crucial as doing the house chores. And how I clean my makeup brushes from the products to the technique used is just as important. So much so, I integrate cleaning makeup brushes into my weekly routine. But that wasn’t always the case, during the early years of applying makeup,…

Scotch Essentials Brand Review: Easy Fix Button, Adjustable Hem Tape, Permanent Hem Bonding Strips.

Scotch Essentials

Sewing in general can be a difficult task for many. And although I may know the basics, such as repairing a rip or stitching up a button, when it comes to hemming, I rather take it to the professionals.

Halloween Home Decor DIY Craft Celebrate October Pumpkin Party

Halloween Home Decor

Halloween is just around the corner and it can be difficult and time consuming to decorate a lovely home into a spooky-friendly one. Sure, purchase everything from your nearest party supply shop or dollar store and call it done. Not only will it be costly but it will lack originality. You want to impress your…