Mini Costa Blanca Haul

Costa Blanca is one of my go-to stores to shop the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price! As of late, I noticed my favourite and convenient Costa Blanca locations were closed. Thankful for the holiday break, I made several shopping trips, some of which the store still exist. I went at a right time too! There was lots of promotions going on, I was so excited to get my shopping started! 

I did not pick up a lot but bought some pieces that I think are a staple for many years ahead. I will most likely head back soon and make a few more purchases that I have my eye on from their Pinterest page. All items posted were purchased between the end of December and early January. 

Costa Blanca Fashion clothing haul cardigan blazer
2 Button, 3 Pocket Black Blazer                                               V-Neck Cable Front Green Cardigan
Costa Blanca Cable knit leggings Dex
Cable Knit Leggings by Dex
Costa Blanca Floral Pearl Statement Necklace Jewellery Accessories Fashion
Floral Pearl Statement Necklace

Sporting Life 

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