Empty candle jars? Don't throw them away. Here's a trick to clean out candle jars and discover different ways to reuse them!

Reusing Bath & Body Works Candle Jars

Many are wondering what to do with Bath & Body Works candle jars (or any candle jars) after they are done, besides throwing them out. There are tons of ways to reuse these glass jars. I was never into candles until a few years ago when I stopped by BBW to restock on hand soaps,…

Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day. Writing Valentine's Day Cards

Ways To Celebrate Cupid’s Day

Whether or not February 14 means anything to you, Valentine’s day is fast approaching! From handing out and receiving Valentine cards in elementary school to candy-grams and roses in high school. Valentine’s day is never just a regular day for me, even though I really should treat it as that. To me, this time every…

Influenster Mystery Brand VoxBox

Solving The Case Of The Mystery Brand

I just received a “mystery” sample by L’Oreal Canada from Influenster. This is the latest haircare innovation from L’Oreal Canada. The brand is unknown for now. In the meantime, let’s check out my first impression.