Reusing Bath & Body Works candle jars

Many are wondering what to do with Bath & Body Works candle jars (or any candle jars) after they are done, besides throwing them out. There are tons of ways to reuse these glass jars. I was never into candles until a few years ago when I stopped by BBW to restock on hand soaps, I saw these really cute mini jars and had to pick a few up. I did not bother to burn them until recently. While they were in the background burning, I already knew what I wanted to do with the empty jar.

The mystery of the Mystery Brand is a mystery no more.

What was your guess? My prediction was a product from Garnier Fructis line and what did I find once I opened my package? I was quite surprised for many reasons. Many on social media were taking their guesses and some were clueless. The top three brands I saw floating around were: Redken, Matrix, and my guess, Garnier. So who is this Mystery Brand? Was I right? Was it one of the top three brands most mentioned? Was it a complete shocker? Here is the big reveal. Ready?!...

Ways To Celebrate Cupid's Day

Whether or not February 14 means anything to you, Valentine's day is fast approaching! From handing out and receiving Valentine cards in elementary school to candy-grams and roses in high school. Valentine's day is never just a regular day for me, even though I really should treat it as that. To me, this time every year is always different, one thing for sure, I like to get decked out in red, pink, or something with hearts, in the spirit of love! Besides wardrobe, I am normally plan-less on Valentine's day, but that is where the fun comes in, and no, I do not mean taking that route, but if that turned the light bulb on your head, you are welcome.

Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Single or not, I always like to spend it with the ones I love and do things that I love. My past Valentine's day involved lunch with fellow single girlfriends, baking, watching movies, studying/writing exams, shopping, and spending time with family. I look at Valentine's day as a day to reflect and love the people around you and also to indulge some delicious sweet treats; red-velvet cupcakes, macarons, chocolate, peppermint candy hearts, mmm! Okay, these desserts can be eaten any day but as I mentioned earlier, in the spirit of love, why not, they are probably heart-shaped too (+1)!

Solving The Case Of The Mystery Brand Update Review

Last week I received the L'Oreal Canada Mystery Brand shampoo, conditioner, and split-end serum. I tested out all three products over the past few days. Thoughts? It did not reach my expectation. I have used higher-end haircare products for years, so trying a "drug store" brand had no huge effect on my hair. It cleansed nicely and left my hair feeling soft. One thing I noticed (or maybe it's just me), due to the cold winter weather, my hair had a few dried flakes prior to testing the product, after using the shampoo and conditioner, there hasn't been a dried flake in sight.

Each product had a different texture. The shampoo provided a typical shampoo texture, while the conditioner was on a thick/creamy side. The split-end serum had a light but runny consistency.

Influenster Mystery Brand VoxBox Review Beauty Haircare

Solving The Case Of The Mystery Brand

I just received a "mystery" sample by L'Oreal Canada (a manufacturer of over 25 global beauty brands) from Influenster. This is the latest haircare innovation from L'Oreal Canada. The brand is unknown for now. In the meantime, let's check out my first impression.

Influenster Mystery Brand VoxBox