Winners Outfit Haul For Under $150!

Going into Winners is like allowing a child to run freely in a candy store. Where do I begin? It's overwhelming!

I recently stopped by Winners to browse around with no intention on spending - then again, when does one walk out of Winners without purchasing, at least, one item?! I stumbled upon a few items in hand and realized, maybe I should challenge myself. And so I did. I gave myself a budget of $150 to create an appropriate throughout-the-whole-day look.

Challenge accepted and successfully completed! Check out my #FabFind outfit:

My Fave: Cleanser

I used a higher-end drug store cleanser for years and it did a great job at cleansing my face. Unfortunately my favourite cleanser was discontinued. There was a similar product with a different packaging label and ingredients but it was not the same.

A beauty advisor recommended me to a completely different cleanser from the same brand and swore by it. Just my luck, the skin on my face acted up and there was no turning back (the cleanser is still sitting on my bathroom counter to this day).

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish Collection Review

I discovered Crabtree & Evelyn a few years ago through a friend who introduced me to their body lotion. I always forget to carry lotion around so she was my lifesaver! The lotions are purely amazing and their nail polishes are incredible!

The variety of shades are endless. Everyone will find a colour that best suits them. The nail polishes themselves are true to colour and very pigmented. One-to-two coats is all you need. I also love that they are fast drying, I will have to say under five minute of drying time. They will chip/fade off but not until day 4 onwards.

They recently came out with a few more (gorgeous) shades which I intend to purchase very soon.